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Survey on grazing land??

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amberdixie · 24/08/2018 09:47

Advice/experience welcome!

We're purchasing a couple of acres to graze our horse and pony on. This is the first land we have purchased and I am not sure on what is the 'norm' when it comes to a survey? There is a footpath that runs along one side of the field; also there isn't running water which we would look to install in the near future.

Would a survey be sensible? Or a bit unnecessary? What did you do when buying land?


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Jamforlunch · 24/08/2018 14:52

We've bought land in the past but never had a survey on it. Are you buying established grazing land?

AndreasFault · 25/08/2018 00:23

Is it currently used for horses? You may have to change the land use if it's currently agricultural. Is the footpath used much? Is it possible for you to fence it off? People can be a bloody nuisance - dogs, litter, feeding inappropriate food and leaving gates open. What about flooding/inclement weather and snow? Who owns it and why are they selling it?

Speak to the current owner and/or the land agent and go for a walk along the path several times on a sunny sunday before you make the decision. Have bought agricultural land with no survey as such, but we already knew the land quite well if that makes sense.

AndreasFault · 25/08/2018 00:24

Also check access arrangements/agreements- personally I wouldn't buy anything unless you have direct access from the road.

amberdixie · 26/08/2018 06:51

Thanks all for the replies. We have visited frequently and fencing off the footpath is definitely something we've considered. Good road access, hacking, currently established grazing land and ideal location.

Would having a survey now negate the cost when getting water installed in the future for example? Or are these different things.

Thanks again.

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