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Best place to report neglected horses?

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ISeeTheLight · 28/06/2018 17:32

On my daily drive to work are 2 small fields on opposite sides of the road. One has a horse tethered to a pole (no fence), with no shelter. No trees, hedges or buildings. Horse itself looks in ok condition.
The field on the other side is fenced and has about 6-7 horses, that side has a tree on so small amount of shade (not enough for all horses though), and I noticed today one horse in particular looks very skinny - ribs showing etc. Definitely underweight.
Where is the best place to report this to? Horses are outside in all weather, it's pretty hot here today with not a cloud in the sky. I'm in the North East.
First thought was RSPCA but I don't know if they'll actually do anything from experience with cats.

OP posts:
Aprilshouldhavebeenmyname · 28/06/2018 17:37

Despite the majoty vote here on rspca being crap with horses I have had 2 good experiences in recent years. Give them a ring. Take pics if you can so you can monitor and report again if necessary.
I supplied pics once of a horse repeatedly tangled and it was removed.

Fucksgiven · 28/06/2018 17:40

World horse welfare are best bet. However horses do live outside, and if one horse is skinny but others are ok it may be elderly.

I don't like to see horses tethered but it's not illegal so if in ok condition, has food and water there's not much to be done.

QuestionableMouse · 28/06/2018 17:41

Ring the BHS. They can advise the best charity to contact.

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