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Riding with rugs on.

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DiplomaticDecorum · 11/06/2018 14:45

Is this a thing now? This morning I passed 3 horse and riders, fully tacked up over fly sheets - one with a neck. It didn't look as if they were just moving them down the road to the field. I rarely see a pony in a field without a rug on now, often with necks and hoods etc. Surely they can't all have fly allergies, or is it just to save time grooming?

I understand the need for a light winter exercise thing, but it's bloody hot and sunny today!

OP posts:
Whatdoiladymcbeth · 11/06/2018 14:52

That’s a odd. You can get exercise fly sheets so don’t understand riding with a fly rug on. Surely it would rub under the saddle area.

In saying that, some people have to do certain things to prevent horses from flys/allergies etc. So maybe it’s that?

GothMummy · 11/06/2018 15:00

I have seen ride-on fly rugs this year -full rugs, with necks too. You can also get full neck ride on hi viz rugs too! I think its more of a case of if something exists, horse riders will buy it ;) I'm constantly amazed at how people throw money at unnecessary things for their horses. Having said that, one of our ponies wears a sweet itch rug 24/7 except when being ridden. Otherwise she would rub herself raw and bleeding.

WhyDidIEatThat · 11/06/2018 15:04

I ride in a ride-on zebra fly sheet, there’s a hole for the saddle. I know we look like dicks but it really really really helps - it’s only for some routes where the flies are particularly bad.

Cariadxx · 11/06/2018 16:39

Mine are generally naked except for fly masks unto they pull them off. My cremello mare has a fly rug on when it's really hot as she has a tendency to burn also the blood streaks from fly bites are awful

Retrainingaracehorse · 11/06/2018 18:02

Im also amazed by how many rugs horses seem to wear these days.Most of the horses on my yard are in fly rugs, NZ rugs at the slight sign of rain or a gust of wind, quilted stable rugs all the year round and many ride in exercise sheets in all but he mildest weather.
Obviously for horses with seat itch they're a godsend but I jus dont seem everything else needs it. The other trend is overreach boots on all the time on all four feet, brushing boots/bandages on all the time and bandages when in the stable.

GothMummy · 11/06/2018 18:30

And polo bandages on feathered cobs....!

Retrainingaracehorse · 11/06/2018 20:43

"And polo bandages on feathered cobs"
Yes that too mad.

DiseasesOfTheSheep · 11/06/2018 23:15

I have a couple naked and one who is always in a fly rug in the field and usually a ride-on fly rug to hack too - that one is really bothered by the flies, the others aren't.

RatherBeRiding · 12/06/2018 13:13

I think if you are riding in an area that is infested with horse-flies it is probably wise to do whatever it takes! Fly spray is useless. And I guess some people have little option if they are unlucky enough to keep their horses in a really bad fly-infested area.

A couple of years ago we went XC schooling to a particular venue, and honestly I have NEVER known horse-flies like it. From the second we unloaded we were attacked mercilessly and the horses were absolutely frantic. We kept moving as best we could but cut our visit short and vowed never to return!

BrokeAndBad · 12/06/2018 14:18

My horse wears a ride on fly rug... yes we look pretty stupid but the horseflies are horrific .... and I don't generally care what others think Wink

Jonsnowsghost · 12/06/2018 14:22

Mine has to wear a fly rug and I hate it, he gets so hot but he's also eaten alive without it. He scratches his sheath where they bite him and no fly rugs cover that area (obviously!) So I have to make do. Also scratches his mane and tail. I would much rather go without and give him as much time as I can without it on but unfortunately it's one of those things. I don't ride with one on though.

Claystone · 13/06/2018 08:04

I've got a fly rug for mine, but it makes him too hot. I've always used deet, every day, but this summer have found the flies are still landing on him. Has anyone else noticed this? It's the same deet spray I've used year after year.

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