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Hat hair help please!!

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yawning801 · 26/05/2018 15:42

So I'm going to watch a show tomorrow but I get awful, awful hat hair and it's going to be very embarrassing! Does anyone have any tips on preventing/reducing hat hair from a riding hat? (Not wearing one is not an option!) TIA

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yawning801 · 26/05/2018 16:39


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yawning801 · 26/05/2018 16:51

Bump x2

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Liz38 · 26/05/2018 17:11

Shave it off. After 30+ years of trying to avoid hat hair when riding I have to say it can't be done. But at least everyone else will be in the same position?

yawning801 · 27/05/2018 07:19

Liz Grin but nobody else seems to have this problem!!

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Theresahairbrushinthefridge · 27/05/2018 08:11

Swap for another cool non riding hat. That's why horsey peeps have such a selection!

Kr250710 · 28/05/2018 07:31

Take dry shampoo...spray liberally (like use loads) and rather than use a plastic hairbrush or comb use one of the bristles ones as I find that keeps it fluffy. Doesn’t always work but if I’ve just had the hat on and not ridden it usually solves my problem x

RatherBeRiding · 01/06/2018 12:21

What's your hair like? The people with long hair that they can scrape back into a pony tail seem to be the ones best able to get away with hat hair (like my daughter! - she just takes pony tail out, gives it a good comb through, re-ties ponytail.)

Mine is multi-layered and shoulder length. It looks a bloody mess after I've ridden. I take hat off as soon as possible, ruffle through with fingers to fluff up and dry off sweat and hope for the best!

Kr250710 · 01/06/2018 19:54

@RatherBeRiding would you believe me if I told you I have shoulder length - just past with a fringe and layers! Sometimes it works and sometimes it wasn’t but I could not live without my dry shampoo! Lol xx

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