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ohgoonthenjustonemore · 24/04/2018 11:44

Many years ago we purchased a little coloured foal to act as a companion to my competition horse. When we started to back him it became obvious he was a talented little man with a love of jumping, he definitely wasn’t going to be just a companion ! We wanted a home where he could fulfill his potential and we still retained ownership. A friend had loaned their horse to a fantastic RDA centre and we felt this would be perfect for us too.
He has been there for 15yrs and the new manager has just been in touch to say that they want to now retire him, we have no facilities of our own and financially I just could not afford him at the present time. I currently no longer ride as I lost my competition horse a few years ago and then became a mother soon after. I just do not know what to do for the best for him, he has had a fantastic life at the centre. There is no way I could sell him at this time in his life. I would love to hear any views/advice on our situation.

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Jappydooda · 24/04/2018 11:51

How big is he?

If he is a decent size, then maybe a college would take him as a school horse.

If a pony, then why not speak to your local Pony Club and see if they know of any kids needing a new pony. Pony Clubs are always looking for cracking little ponies and have many homes lined up ready to take the good ones.

ohgoonthenjustonemore · 24/04/2018 12:20

Thank you for replying jappy. He is 13.3. He suffered some breathing problems last year so the RDA are thinking that he should now enjoy retirement out in a field.

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Dontknowwhatimdoing · 24/04/2018 13:42

Can they not offer him anything? Seems a bit off to have him there for 15 years, then expect you to take him back now. If they have the facilities it wouldn't cost them much to keep him there. Could you offer a contribution to his costs so he can stay where he is?

ohgoonthenjustonemore · 24/04/2018 15:40

Dontknow many thanks for responding. Yes, I agree that after all this time it does feel off, I appreciate the centre has given him an amazing home but that still doesn’t soften the blow ! A new manager has come in and a review of the horse stock was completed which highlighted a small number of horses and ponies rarely used for various reasons. Our boy was not often used in RDA lessons due to his lively nature but in AB sessions with competent riders, apparently there has been a decline in such riders. Your suggestion is a good idea and definitely worth putting to the centre !

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LadyLance · 25/04/2018 22:23

I would want a further discussion with the RDA, especially re the breathing problems. I would want to speak to their vet myself if it sounds like it's serious, rather than hearing things second or third hand. Once you know how serious these issues are, you may be able to come to a decision about moving forwards.

As a not-for-profit organisation with potentially limited space, I can see that the RDA may feel they are not able to keep a non-working pony. However, I would explain that you have no facilities and are not able to take him back at short notice. Ask what they would do if they owned him themselves.

Some charities do offer retired RDA ponies homes- I believe The Horse Trust help with this sometimes. Perhaps they might be able to help or suggest someone who can.

If he is no longer suitable for riding due to the breathing issues, then perhaps you might be able to loan him as a companion if he is sensible on the ground? However, if they are that serious, unfortunately you might be looking at some hard decisions in the future.

Flowers I hope you're able to find a solution for your pony!

ohgoonthenjustonemore · 26/04/2018 12:52

LadyLance many thanks for your response.
We used the same equine vets as the centre so have a good relationship with them, we will be meeting up at the weekend with both them and the centre manager.
That’s good information regarding the Horse Trust as I had not even considered reaching out to them !

Thank you for my flowers Grin

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