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Horse injury insurance claim

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Brokenhorse · 17/04/2018 21:05

I need insurance advice!

My horse recently acquired a leg wound. An insurance claim was made as it's quite bad and will take months to heal. Horse came in from the field with it so I've no idea what happened.

A few days later another wound appeared on a different leg. At first we thought this was pretty minor so no claim was needed. The wound was definitely not there previously as horse was groomed thoroughly the day before. Horse was not lame with the wound at all initially but went lame a few days later on this leg. However, it now turns out that this leg is seriously injured structurally Sad

Obviously, I want to claim for this other leg but am aware that my insurance will probably try and class it as the same 'event' as the other leg and thus not accept another claim.

There's genuinely no way of knowing what's happened but before horse went lame we assumed the new injury occured in the stable somehow. This is going to cripple me financially as if horse survives the next few weeks surgery is likely to be needed. Any advice on how to get this new injury accepted as a new 'unrelated' injury?

OP posts:
DraughtyWindow · 18/04/2018 09:55

You need to disclose this to your insurers ASAP!
Who are you insured with? If a vet attended they will have the reports available to send to your insurer.
As it’s a separate incident you will be expected to pay another excess though as they are unrelated.

Brokenhorse · 18/04/2018 11:07

The insurer already knows. I'm just worried they won't agree that the two injuries are not related. The excess is a drop in the ocean of what it's costing.

OP posts:
TangledSlinky · 18/04/2018 22:38

I had similar with a DDFT and SDFT injury in the same leg. At that point our vet referred us to a leading specialist who felt the two injuries were unrelated despite being in the same leg and wrote a report for the insurers to that effect. Sadly we lost the horse before we needed to claim for the other injury, but the insurers were happy to take the vet's word and opened a second claim for us in the meantime (and tried to take the second excess fee from our final payment after losing her, but that's another story!).

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