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Travel boots?

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Theresahairbrushinthefridge · 19/03/2018 17:02

Do you use them?

In the process of buying a v chunky 15.2 cob. Eeeeeeeekkkkk. Does she need them to move yards 1 hr journey.

Will I get any that fit?
Am I better off to just bandage??

OP posts:
Butkin1 · 19/03/2018 17:20

I always used to use travel boots - mostly just because we had them.

Now we just bandage..

Some people also put on overreach boots but I'm always worried they can rub so don't bother.

notasausage · 19/03/2018 19:26

2x 11.2 ponies here who I travel with nothing and never had a problem

RatherBeRiding · 22/03/2018 17:21

I use tendon boots on my youngest - he wasn't keen on travel boots when he was very young so I compromised with tendon boots and just kept using them. The other two use "proper" travel boots.

Back in the day when I was a youngster myself (like sometime early 16thCentury!) there was no such thing as travel boots and we used to use gamgee and bandages. Bit faffy, looking back, but at least you know they will always fit.

Clemfantango · 23/03/2018 08:08

I use nothing. Just a big Haynet.

Laughsandgiggles · 23/03/2018 08:14

I try not to use boots but will if travelling more than one - as in next to each other as more likely to get stood on by neighbour. I sometimes use the cheap shires ones if need to keep legs clean for shows but only if I know ponies won't object to them.
The worst accident I have had whilst travelling horses was when bandages slipped down and horse freaked out!! Was not a fun experience and I ended up badly injured (horse was fine!)
If it's a chunky cob, travelling alone and not a horse you are familiar with then I would leave without.

Congratulations on new horsey. How exciting.

Gabilan · 23/03/2018 08:26

I used to use them all the time, no matter how short the journey. But my horse does not travel much and they wind him up. He particularly dislikes the back ones. He seems to travel fine without them, although I make sure I bandage his tail and put a tail guard on as he does like to lean on his bum for balance.

My thinking is they will probably only stop minor injuries. If something major is going to happen, boots won't stop it. They also made my horse sweat more, I think both because they warmed him up and they wound him up. Next time I travel him I might just put knee boots on him to help prevent a whack, but he seems OK without travel boots, better in fact.

user1488061528 · 22/04/2018 09:12

I have an 18hh ID x TB that I can't get travel boots around. I used stable wraps and bandages and put over reach boots on. Works well Smile

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