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Eeek! Moving yards

2 replies

OiPat · 17/03/2018 18:51

I've just given notice at my yard. I like my yard and have been happy there but was subjected to gossip last week that played on my biggest fear (them closing at short notice leaving 50+ people looking for alternative yards). So I've jumped ship. New yard is more expensive but closer to home. I loved it on viewing and I'm sure we'll be happy there but I also worry it's the wrong decision. Hmm

OP posts:
Fireinthegrate · 17/03/2018 20:41

You've probably done the right thing. Once you get used to it being nearer home, you will relish the extra time it gives you.
You don't know if the gossip was true, but you have ensured your horse has a 'roof over his head' just in case, and won't have sleepless nights panicking about finding somewhere for him last minute.
Enjoy the new yard, new friends, new hacking routes.

BrokeAndBad · 18/03/2018 07:25

Change is scary, but horses normally cope pretty well - it's just us Wink

I've been in the situation of a yard closing and giving everyone (25) horses a months notice - in a not horsey area Sad However that was 5 years ago, abd tbh my horse and me have not looked back ...

The new yard has developed my confidence enormously, the hacking is amazing (school is a bit shit but nowhere perfect)

So it's not all bad - good luck with your move SmileSmile

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