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Please please put dog tags on your tack

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MammaAgata · 05/03/2018 06:26

I want to urge all riders to put a dog tag on their saddle or bridle with basic Vet and contact details for when they are out hacking. I used to put on one my mares bridle (she passed away last year) in case we parted company. Today, I had just left the yard to hack out when two loose horses, fully tacked up came galloping towards us. Without going into massive detail one needed immediate veterinary treatment. The riders were located but sadly unable to provide any more information at the time. If we had vets details, a postcode of their yard and emergency contact details it would have been much easier for the veterinary team and emergency services to work out ages of horses, any allergies to medication and who they belonged to etc. Thankfully both horses are ok. We put dog tags on our dogs collars but not on our horses.

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Loosemoose28 · 08/03/2018 00:40

Most of us have one on our D rings, bridles don’t work as well of the 5 loose horses I have acquired out hacking/ dog walking only 3 had bridles on.

We just have yard managers number on ours. And name of yard.

MammaAgata · 08/03/2018 16:35

Good point moose - one of the horses I caught on Sunday had hardly any bridle left.

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