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Need new riding clothes

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Astrabees · 23/02/2018 13:43

Years ago I had my own horse but the only riding I've done in the last few years is on riding holidays. I'm booked for a week in Cumbria in May and will be going for some lessons once the weather improves to be sure I'm ready.
My old riding jacket now has a defective zip, my old jods have sort of shrivelled up and my short boots seem to have suffered from walking too much on a stony beach when I did an across Scotland ride.
I'm not even sure what sort of boots people are wearing these days. Can anyone suggest a nice new riding outfit for me? mid range, as this time I think I will carry on riding as I would very much like to get another Highland Pony when I retire (but please do not dress me like The Queen!)

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TangledSlinky · 24/02/2018 10:51

How exciting!

I won't attempt to dress you, but having had a rubbish week cue a pick me up shopping spree there are some absolute bargains to be had on R&R country and Burnhills at the moment. Would definitely recommend taking a peek at their sales.

NotSoSprightly · 24/02/2018 13:03

I've just bought Premier Equine's Chiswick Ladies Long Riding Boots and they're brilliant. Cost a fraction of the price of my long Ariats and they are so much more supple - especially at the ankle which is very helpful.

They're great for if you have slim calves although they do come up big in the foot so go for a size down if you like them!

For general riding wear like tops and jumpers the sport section in TK Maxx is great. I usually ride in jeans but I also have a pair of Toggi pull on riding tights and I love them.

NotSoSprightly · 24/02/2018 13:05

Pic of boots didn't attach first time!

Need new riding clothes
Frouby · 24/02/2018 13:10

Can't help with riding clothes much. I buy whatever I find at equine car boots or cheap enough in the local tack shops. I have a Mark Todd jacket that has lasted years. I tend to buy mid range muckers and have a pair boots I have.never worn as I prefer short boots.

I do have a highland pony though. I look more like a yard skivvy than the queen if that helps.

MammaAgata · 24/02/2018 13:13

I got Dublin pinnacle boots in brown. They’re more a hacking boot than dressage. Also can be used for walking the dog etc - I used to have the very similar Ariat ones but they eventually collapsed after about 12 years. The Dublin ones are virtually the same for 1/2 the price. I’ve just googled and seen them for £123.95, much cheaper than the Ariats at about £275..

Astrabees · 24/02/2018 16:46

Thanks for all the answers, I'll be doing a bit more research over the weekend.

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Martyngibson · 24/02/2018 20:54

Notso - those boots look a great deal like my Ariat Bromonts, May I ask how much they were?

NotSoSprightly · 24/02/2018 21:28

Marty They were £65!

They're not as comfy to walk in as Ariats, but they are lighter, more supple and I think they actually have a nicer look to them.

Martyngibson · 25/02/2018 08:13

Blimey, bargain!

Astrabees · 16/04/2018 12:03

Update. When I had a good look at my old jacket I discovered it was fine, just a one off glitch with the zip. I also found 3 pairs of breeches/jods on a hanger in the spare room wardrobe that I's never noticed there before, and they fit! I needed a new hat as the certification has changed, and got a lovely Champion one that complies with the current regs from the Countrywide closing down sale for £22! I did however have to treat myself to some decent boots as the less expensive ones were not comfortable, so I have invested in some Ariat zip fronted short boots (£129) and some black suede half chaps to go with them. Unfortunately being short legged the leather half chaps dug into the back of my knee and hurt. So, now kitted out within budget and heading for Cumbria soon.

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