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Eeek just bough a new horse!

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jinglebells123 · 27/01/2018 19:37

I can’t quite believe it - I wasn’t looking to buy and had just recently started shared a lovely wee pony but having owned my own up until a couple of years ago and then stupidly selling because I felt guilty about spending time away from my now horsey mad dd, I’ve found it hard to adjust to sharing someone else’s horse and it’s made me miss having my own.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything about it though until a stumbled upon an advert for a near perfect sounding horse! Safe as you can get, loves hacking but very, very green in the school.

Tried her out today and it looks like I’ll be buying her subject to vetting 😬.

I’m about 70% excited and 30% nervous about taking on the responsibility again plus the risk of an unknown horse although having hacked her in awful weather she seems to fit the brief and i do like a bit of a project when it comes to schooling.

Now comes the task of getting new saddle, getting injections (they aren’t up to date) and all the rest of it.

Luckily, I’ve got a space on my friend yard 10 minute from home and will be on very cheap full livery so I don’t have to be up at the yard every day!)

Argh what have I let myself in for!! Fingers crossed she passes the vetting!!

OP posts:
Ebb · 27/01/2018 19:51

Congratulations! How exciting! Hope she passes the vetting. How big? Colour? Was she privately owned or at a dealers?

jinglebells123 · 27/01/2018 21:49

14.2 coloured cob mare from a private home :)

OP posts:
Ebb · 28/01/2018 15:16

Sounds lovely! I'd value bombproof out hacking over been green in the school. That can be worked on. When are you having her vetted?

Sugarpiehoneyeye · 28/01/2018 15:28

Oh she sounds gorgeous, hope the vetting goes well. I love coloured cobs !
How old is she ?
Is she good to catch ?
Could you take her for a weeks trial period ?

theHitcher · 28/01/2018 16:40

Lovely, perfect height for me! Dealer or private seller?

jinglebells123 · 28/01/2018 19:32

She’s 8. Good to catch and handle. Hopefully getting vetted this week! Not sure whether to get a 2 or 5 stage.

OP posts:
Sugarpiehoneyeye · 28/01/2018 21:59

How long have her current owners had her ?
I'd be tempted to go for the 5stage vetting, then you've got the full picture.

jinglebells123 · 29/01/2018 12:06

About 2 years. But I’ve managed to contact previous owners too.

5 star vetting booked! :)

OP posts:
Sugarpiehoneyeye · 29/01/2018 17:11

Oh, how exciting, lucky you ! 😄
Pics are a must, if all goes well.

jinglebells123 · 01/02/2018 00:02

Vetting passed - pony coming at the weekend.

Lots to organise - tack doens't fit, teeth and vacc need done. Feet need trimmed - it's going to be an expensive month and I probably won't even get to ride the bloody as saddle fitter has about a months waiting list.

Looking forward to having my own horse again!

OP posts:
theHitcher · 01/02/2018 07:02

Wonderful news. How exciting!

Sugarpiehoneyeye · 01/02/2018 08:14

Don't forget your insurance ! 😁
Just think, what a wonderful Summer you'll have together.🌞

Ebb · 01/02/2018 18:15

Yay! Congratulations!

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