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Horsie games - such a laugh!!

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Apocalyptichorsewoman · 23/12/2017 21:19

Am a new rider - 18 months in total. I have a weekly group lesson and every other week a private lesson. I have just started learning to jump

My beginners group slightly disintegrated because two went off to university (my son included) one went off for surgery, and one stopped coming so myself and another woman have moved up to the next group - all going well. We know we aren't as good as the others in the group, but neither do we feel out of our depth - the lessons are tailored so we all feel comfortable and learn loads

Today was last lesson before christmas and we split into two groups of three and did games.

OMG - it was so much fun! Our team name was 'fracture clinic' and we did all sorts of games around obstacles, trot, canter, relays, leaving your stick on an obstacle for someone else to pick up, also a game called round the world. That took some explaining to me cos I only saw a horse in real life when I started not long ago,and missed out on the whole PC stuff. ..

It was such good fun - riding school horses - some like canter, some are behind the leg, some try to jump the pole at the start position, some try to throw a wee buck in, some wander off whilst facing backwards - we dealt with it all ShockGrin...

We had such a good time - and the horses really seemed to enjoy it too - they were well up for it!! 😊

Then we all went out for coffee and cake!

It was brilliant! 😊

OP posts:
Frouby · 23/12/2017 21:24

Awww love this post.

I have always said that games are one of the best ways to learn to ride. You forget to be perfect and end up being perfect and relaxed. And you are never too old for round the world.

Though am not sure I would have the dexterity for scissors these days 🤔

Apocalyptichorsewoman · 26/12/2017 21:35

Omg - what are the scissors? This sounds like some fresh hell 🐴😀

It was really good fun, and like you say - you forget to be 'perfect' and just crack on with it with the sound of cheering in your ears! 😊 am new to horses, but it did seem to me like they really had good fun and enjoyed it too.

Horses that are normally slow to get going üand need lots of encouragement to canter were suddenly really up for it!

Am down for jumping on thursday - just clear round and fairly small jumps at the stables - eek!

OP posts:
DontbouncelikeIdid · 27/12/2017 16:04

Sounds like brilliant fun! I love doing things like that. Its a shame that as an adult you rarely get the opportunity.

Frouby · 27/12/2017 16:22

Half Scissors is where you flip your legs around half dismounting then get back on. Full scissors is where you just do it mounted. Have a look on youtube, its hard to explain.

But it's fun. Until you slide off. 😁

UrsulaPandress · 27/12/2017 16:26

Sounds fabulous. I remember going on a riding holiday in Northumberland in my early 30s and on the last day we played tig on horseback. I was on a little mare who was like shit off a shovel. Could chuck her about all over the place with my reins one hand. Great fun.

plominoagain · 27/12/2017 20:40

I loved mounted games . My first pony absolutely lived for them despite being bigger than most of her competitors , and used to win them hands down . She could do it entirely by herself , often doing exactly what I wanted before I’d even asked !

Last summer I tried doing it with my big horse - hysterical . Trotted up to the buckets in bucket elimination like there were snakes in them , snorted like a dragon , then stopped dead , leapt about 4 feet into the air over them , then buggered off across the field bucking like Ryan’s Son .I couldn’t stop him for laughing . Then my neighbour looked over the fence to see what the cackling was about , and brought her dressage diva over to join in , with her mum on her big cob . You’ve never seen anything like it , us all being beaten hollow by my DD on her little welsh pony , whilst ours were having fits of the vapours about flag carrying . Quite the best day last summer .

MrsMozart · 27/12/2017 20:44

Lovely to hear that you had such a good time Xmas Smile

IheartCaptainHolt · 28/12/2017 07:44

Our adults lesson does Christmas gymkhana games and we all love it! I totally agree with PP that even the most reluctant horse finds and extra three gears! I once cantered the full length of the big school sideways and looked very impressive during walk trot canter.

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