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Pony riding beginner

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bobdylannumber1 · 23/12/2017 01:31

Hi I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, my DD 7.5 started pony riding in the summer she did a few lessons and a week of a camp we had a break as I was sorting time off work for the lessons so she's been back a few weeks and as older kids who helped in the summer aren't off at 330 I have to lead the pony it's really not going well for me I've never had any contact with ponies I am a country girl farmers daughter but we didn't have animals I'm really trying my best but I'm dreading it every week, today the trainer really got onto me she said I should take the lead literally I wasn't in control my DD was bossing me the horse was all over the place I absolutely understand it's dangerous, for example the horse today was tall taller than me I was nervous my DD wanted to run fast I didn't the trainer asked what's problem I said I was not comfortable with the horse he was too large it got to the point at the end of the lesson where I was really feeling intimidated by the trainer she implied I was a slave at home DD was in control I felt like I was 7 I'm 47, she said the horse tells the story "are you the boss at home" I said yes "she said," your the slave at home I bet, just an observation", I'm feeling annoyed I'm just looking for tips I think I'm not giving up because my DD loves it there isn't even an option to pay extra for someone else to lead I'd gladly pay. Any advice?

OP posts:
noitsnotteatimeyet · 23/12/2017 07:18

I can’t believe you’re paying for this!! I’ve never had to lead dd in any lesson not even when she first started. It sounds incredibly dangerous too for both you and your dd. I would look for another riding school straight away. It might be that you have to take her to weekend lessons until she’s off the lead rein but dd only needed to be led for a few weeks. I definitely wouldn’t be giving this instructor money to insult me!

TheWitchAndTrevor · 23/12/2017 07:24

Pretty appalling, on lots of levels.

Find another riding school.

Are they BHS registered?

Nishky · 23/12/2017 07:27

Dd will get over moving riding schools. I wouldn’t go back. I would also report them to the BHS

Personwithhorse · 23/12/2017 07:34

I agree with the others, is this a proper registered riding school - check with British Horse Society. I cannot believe they have insurance for non staff with no experience to do this. You have voiced your concerns and if you had an accident they could be liable to be sued.

The horse sounds too large for a 7 year old.

Try and find another stables in your area with BHS qualifications. Ideally the instructor could lunge the child on a trained horse to teach her properly.

A proper riding school may be more expensive however. Also many old fashioned riding school have gone out of business due to high costs - business rates, insurance, staff costs etc there may not be many areound you.

Hs2Issue · 23/12/2017 07:46

I've never been asked to lead DD and we've gone to 2 riding schools. We recently changed and the new one is excellent and very professional. Would recommend if your in Sheffield area.

cansu · 23/12/2017 07:51

No reputable riding school would allow this. The comments also show that this is not a good place. Find somewhere else.

MollyHuaCha · 23/12/2017 08:16

Change places. Even if it takes a lot longer to get there or is more expensive.

Better to have fewer lessons at a decent riding school.

Shadowboy · 23/12/2017 08:24

Change riding schools! It sounds awful. Is the current one BHS registered?

iveburntthetoast · 23/12/2017 08:34

That’s shocking Shock. I would be finding somewhere else. It’s wrong on so many levels.

bobdylannumber1 · 24/12/2017 00:55

Thank you all for the replies, we don't live in the U.K. We live in Ireland, I was speaking to my sil this evening she used to ride horses a lot when she was younger she said the same as you all so I'm going to look into another rising school I absolutely would prefer to pay extra for someone to lead the horse this wasn't given to me as an option my DD loves going so I'm not gonna disappoint her I'll look into another one after Christmas.

OP posts:
bobdylannumber1 · 24/12/2017 01:11

I'm really angry now I looked up what I think would be our equivalent of BHS, the school isn't registered fgs, I actually didn't even know there was such a thing ☹️

OP posts:
Personwithhorse · 24/12/2017 16:20

Other things to think about has your daughter got an up to date hat that fits her? If she is wearing one provided by the school it may be old and damaged. Also it is recommended people wear shoes with slight heels, like brogues, not trainers that can slip through the stirrups.

Squirrel26 · 24/12/2017 21:12

You absolutely shouldn’t be having to lead your daughter. Where I ride at the moment children who need it have a riding school employee (an actual employee, not a kid helping out). And they certainly don’t get charged extra for it. Also, if you ARE doing it you should really also be wearing a riding hat, and proper boots.

(Also you’re paying this person to teach your child to ride, not to give you general parenting advice. How rude!)

bobdylannumber1 · 12/01/2018 16:37

Just an update today I called another stables I explained my situation she said they have one to one sessions but I am working the day that was available, so we are going tomorrow morning she said parents leading doesn't hapen it's dangerous she asked where I was going I told her she said mmm I asked if she knew of it as I could tell by her tone she had, she said she has several coming from there so it's €10 more and about 10+ miles further but I'm delighted

OP posts:
MollyHuaCha · 13/01/2018 00:08

Hope DD has a great time - and I hope you have a more relaxing one OP!

bobdylannumber1 · 13/01/2018 16:16

Update, we had a brilliant experience today, I could feel the calm straight away there were 7 children and 3 trainers an indoor arena a viewing area, my DD was lead the others weren't they went 3 times around to see what she knew then she was let off I actually couldn't believe it. The boss came up and said she doesn't need a lead rope she can control the pony and is actually quiet good (in fairness to the other stables she was taught the basics) never seen her so happy and proud she was thrilled so. Was I brilliant experience, they have space in the class so she will be going every week now thanks so much for the advice.

OP posts:
Floralnomad · 13/01/2018 16:20

Excellent update OP , the new place sounds like a much better establishment.

Personwithhorse · 13/01/2018 18:28

Sounds good - guess what she will want for her Birthday?

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