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Best riding hat/ body protectors?

18 replies

Greyhorses · 16/11/2017 16:48

After coming off my dramatic little horse once again I feel like I need to update my safety wear!

Can anyone reccomend a comfortable hat and body protector that conforms to safety standards, looks smart enough and that won't stop me moving or breathing?

I mainly hack and do low level dressage and showing but I don't think I can wear a body protector for that can I?

I have no idea where to start as there's so much to choose from!

OP posts:
Pinkponiesrock · 16/11/2017 23:14

You can wear a body protector for any activity, it's not against the rules of any discipline.
I have a Racesafe BP which is very comfortable and well fitted, also an air jacket could be an option. It's just like wearing a gilet.
As for hats I love my Gatehouse HS1 and my CO Ayr8, both fit my massive head well and are very comfortable.

CornflakeHomunculus · 16/11/2017 23:25

I don't ride any more but my favourite hat ever was my Tipperary Sportage, absolutely loved it. My Charles Owen Pro II was a fairly close second.

Greyhorses · 17/11/2017 07:17

Thankyou both of you. I normally only ever wear a fixed peak type but I might go for a jockey skull this time. I do have a 'show' hat hanging around but it's rarely worn.

Off to look at racesafe now Smile I've been riding 25 years and have never needed one until now!

OP posts:
Alittlepotofrosie · 17/11/2017 07:20

Ive got am aerowear outlyne BP and its good, pretty lightweight and doesnt break the bank.

Pinkponiesrock · 17/11/2017 13:59

Any hat has to be mark as PAS 015, as of January 2018 the others won’t be allowed in competition, you can still wear them at home. I have 2 Charles Owen Fiona’s that have been worn about 10 times between them and now I can’t wear in the ring Angry

Greyhorses · 17/11/2017 14:05

Ah that's annoying pink. I was thinking of getting a jockey skull as they are supposed to be safer however that means I will need two hats now!

OP posts:
Pinkponiesrock · 17/11/2017 17:26

I wear my skull for WH, I need to get something for flat for next year though. CO brought out the Fion I think it is but it had an ugly looking clip on the strap Confused

BrioAmio · 17/11/2017 17:33

Another vote for Racesafe, so comfortable the only time I’ve not worn it is when pregnant (doesn’t fit) or when it’s super hot (rare in england!). They have such a good range of sizes that can be adapted I don’t think I’ve found anyone that hasn’t managed to get a good fit. Although if you’re not eventing you could look at an air jacket?

Hats are trickier as you need to go with what fits, the HS1 doesn’t suit my head I’ve got a ‘Champion’ shape head. Get one fitted at a decent tack shop.

Personwithhorse · 17/11/2017 17:41

You will need an up to date legal hat for dressage, they vary from reasonable £ to £lots! I used to have an air jacket - very good protection. You can wear body protectors for all disciplines - not sure about showing!

Greyhorses · 17/11/2017 17:49

The little devil has just developed a habit of broncing when exited so I think at somewhere new would be when I need it most.

I think it would be worth wearing all the time realistically just need to find the right one! I had one many years ago that was like riding in a cardboard box Grin

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 17/11/2017 20:15

Hats - just what fits you the best.i love the racesafe body protectors. Both kids have them and they are so comfortable.

smerlin · 20/11/2017 15:25

I have outlyne body protector and doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Also have a champion shaped head- bought one of their skulls at the weekend as I just had a bad fall and the peak of my riding hat definitely made it worse due to being completely inflexible

lastqueenofscotland · 21/11/2017 23:04

I wouldn't ride in anything but an HS1 hat wise.

Racesafe are the most comfortable body protectors by a mile

plominoagain · 21/11/2017 23:12

I have just replaced my body protector and have an air jacket . Had one before which totally saved my bacon out hacking when my horse slipped on the road and landed on me . Most of the time I forget I’ve got it on - till I get off and forget to unclip it!

horseyhorsey17 · 27/11/2017 13:47

I have a small head so I have a child's Shires jockey skull. It is PAS015 so fine for competing in (and cheap which is good) but the downside is, I do suffer from Sweaty Head Syndrome when wearing it!

QuestionableMouse · 27/11/2017 13:51

You probably don't want to wear an air jacket on a horse that broncs... There's a chance you could set it off while mounted which would be both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

WasDoingFine · 03/12/2017 20:45

I have a racesafe with shoulder attachments

Jonsnowsghost · 03/12/2017 20:50

I have a Charles Owen pro 2 and I love it, really comfy to wear. Body protector wise I have a really old child's size airowear (I'm tiny!), i only wear it for xc and I haven't done that for ages so it goes a bit solid, really need to get a new one!

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