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Too soon to look for a share?

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AngelicCurls · 07/11/2017 00:14

Been riding since I was 5, now 35Blush. Pre kids I had couple of horses on loan/share first was a 16yo tb ex racer (had raced til he was 7) who was was advertised as ex RC horse who wanted a slower pace. Had him for 6m but was too much for me in the end-he wasn’t ready to stop competing I think and became progressively more and more wound up. Second was a 6yo TB who I shared with the owner, was a sweetie but needed work in the school. Got her going quite well, but mostly hacked out, no lessons so probably developed quite a few bad habits. Had her about 18m then got preg and since then have ridden only intermittently (on hols etc). Fast track 4 yrs and have been bitten again by the bug.Grin

Had a couple of lessons (private half hr) at a local decent school but feel like I need more than 30mims per week. I really want to try to work on my technique, previously the horse I’ve ridden have been very forward going and relatively easy to get into an outline. The instructors so far have been surprisingly complimentary about my riding, the last horse I rode she said I’d got him going the best she’d seen him. Thing is, it feels like it’s very hard work, I come off after half an hour and am sweating buckets Blush. I feel I need to ride more often to get my leg muscles back in shape, my head knows what I want them to do but my muscles struggle to keep up!

Is it too soon to be considering a share again? Have seen an ad for one near me than might fit the bill, but equally don’t know if as an owner you might be unimpressed with someone so unfit. Plus have a sneaking suspicion the instructor is being exceeding generous when she says I’m doing well, it really doesn’t feel like I am! But really miss the care and companionship that goes with looking after a horse. But also have a FT job and 2 kids so not sure if it’s crazy to consider! Would really love my own but think that’ll have to wait a few years!

OP posts:
DontbouncelikeIdid · 09/11/2017 16:41

I don't think it's too soon. Just look for something that would be suitable for a novice to ease you back in. The fitness will come with regular riding.

Fireinthegrate · 09/11/2017 19:25

No! Go and have a look!
I had a 3 yr break from horses and then got one on loan. I told the owner I was rusty and a but nervous, but it has worked out really well and 6 mths on I am riding out with a bit more confidence and getting on great

jinglebells123 · 11/11/2017 14:51

Absolutely not - I sold my boy after starting a family and started sharing earlier this year and last night had my first lesson in years (safe to say I've lost my technique!)

I sometimes have to talk myself down from considering buying another - it's definitely still too soon for me to do that!

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