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Starting out

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levis528curvy · 19/09/2017 13:39

I am a total beginner and had my first lesson last week. I really enjoyed it and think i'd like to give this a go.

Could I please ask what I might need to consider as an absolute novice rider?

I have a riding hat that was fitted and jodpur boots.

Where can I best order jodhpurs? What's the sizing like usually?
What sort of jacket might I need? (They ride inside and outside)
Should I take out a special insurance? If yes, what's recommended?
Do I need to consider any etiquette that as a novice I might not be aware of?


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RatherBeRiding · 19/09/2017 14:42

Is it your own riding hat, or one that the school owns that you borrowed? If you really think you will keep riding, then getting your own hat should be a priority. Any reputable equestrian retailer will be able to fit a hat for you, and advise on the different types/makes (skull or one with a fixed peak). Next on the list would be your own boots - if wearing short jodhpur boots it would be advisable to wear half-chaps to protect your lower leg from rubbing/pinching on the stirrup leathers. Long boots are far and away the most convenient, but can be expensive, and unless you have "standard" shaped legs, you might struggle to find a pair that aren't too long/short/wide/tight.

As a beginner it might be best to stick with cheaper short boots and half-chaps.

Jods can be bought in person or online (often cheaper as you can shop around the online sales). Tip - children's jods are cheaper and often the larger child's sizes will fit an adult. I always wear kids' jods but I am extremely short, and short-waisted, and adult ones aren't that comfortable. And the legs are always too long.

You don't need to spend a fortune on a riding jacket. It needs to be comfortable, and you need to be able to move freely in it. Waterproof too if you intend riding outdoors in all weathers. Also be aware that if you buy a generic outdoor jacket it might be too long at the back and get in the way of the saddle. Most specialist riding coats have vents/pleats/zips to allow for the back of the saddle. But I tend to ride in any old fleece or hoodie in the in-between seasons.

Gloves are also something to think about if you are just starting out - you can get inexpensive cotton "track" gloves from any equestrian retailer/tack shop.

It's extremely easy to spend a small fortune kitting yourself out, but unless you are going down the whole horse ownership route then just start off with the basics and a few generic polo shirts or similar. Riding lessons are expensive enough without adding in all the extra kit. I tend to live in mine as I spend hours at the stables, but for starting out with lessons its probably not necessary.

RosaDeZoett · 19/09/2017 15:25

Possibly a body protector? Not everyone wears them and some people only wear them for jumping, so maybe depends how much you're planning on doing. They are expensive though.

levis528curvy · 19/09/2017 16:33

Thank you both!

RatherBeRiding I had my own hat fitted and I have reasonably comfy jodpur ankle boots. I wore jeggins to my lesson but appreciate that I will need jodhpurs because of the seams and possibly for more stability in the saddle, later on.

I would like a water proof jacket. Are Northface ones suitable? I know some have an inner fleece which you can remove depending on saxon have wanted on of those for a long time, dh has one but not sure if they might be too long in the back. Something like this might look on ebay]]

I might look at Fleeces at saisnburys too.

I suspect the jacket shouldn't have a hood?
Re jodhpurs I am a size 14 pear and children's sizes will probably not work for me although I do have shortish legs!

RosaDeZoett I wonder about a body protector. I think definitely once i start galloping but maybe not until then. I am nervous and worried about falling off but I have also heard that for children for example it's better not to wear a protector until they are a bit more advanced to allow them to develop a better feel for being on the pony or hours. But I don't know how valid this is?

I am excited about this and really enjoyed my lesson had a very patient instructor but I am quite unfit since the dc and nervous too. I hope i won't be too nervous to really get into it.

thanks again for your replies!

OP posts:
levis528curvy · 19/09/2017 16:34
  • depending on season!
OP posts:
mrslaughan · 19/09/2017 19:27

You don't need a specific riding jacket for lessons - north face would be fine.
If you wanted a specific jacket - I love the Musto ones.

Jodhpurs - I do like my both my pikeurs- but these aren't cheap, and I think fit small. And my noble outfitters balance tights - these are available online and are reasonable, but they don't have a "sticky" bum.
I do think it's worth going to a reasonable sized tack shop to buy try on and buy jodhpurs - as everyone finds different ones comfortable.
The other thing to look at while you are there is gloves - try them and make sure they are comfortable (I love roekle - but they are not cheap), and also some half chaps to wear with your short boots.

One price of advise is wear breathable layers as you start of cold, but as you get working harder you will get hot and wang to shed layers. Also layers put into shed need to have zips up the front, as you can't take your hat of and them over your head while your on the horse!

mrslaughan · 19/09/2017 19:28

Oh good lord - sorry about the typos!

Polkadotties · 19/09/2017 20:29

I've always preferred a full seat and even more so the sticky bum breeches. Really like the Dublin ones and they are inexpensive compared to some brands.
What with winter coming, decent socks are a must. My feet always get cold and the dismounting onto frozen feet isn't nice.
With gloves try not to get ones that are too thick, it will affect your feel of the reins.

Didiplanthis · 25/09/2017 20:54

Dublin jackets are good too. ones specifically cut for riding so have a vent in to back so can be a bit longer and keep you warmer/drier but dont catch on the back of the saddle or ride up so much.

HoneyBoo269 · 26/09/2017 17:13

Hello! I'm an adult beginner too, had about 10 lessons so far & loving it. How are you finding it?

I have Dublin jodhpur boots, half chaps (can't remember the brand but were only £20) & I just picked up a cheap pair of jodhpurs from sports direct for the time being.

My new RS does not have an indoor school & last week I was outside in the pouring rain, so I'm ordering this jacket. Love it, but with its bright colours it may not be to everyone's taste

Starting out
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