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The tack room

Back in the saddle - returning to riding chat. Come and join the pony mad pals!

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SeventeenTwoChestnutMare · 17/09/2017 01:57

Inspired by another thread, this is a chat thread for those returning to riding after a long break.

If you're new to the thread, why not tell us a bit about yourself, your experience and what stage of your return you're at. If you were on the other thread, a quick recap for the benefit of any new pals joining this one would be fab.

(Consider a horsey name change for 'The tack room' topic if you don't want to out yourself under your usual MN username.)

OP posts:

HoneyBoo269 · 13/10/2017 09:47

Oo can I join in on the chat even though I'm not a returning rider?!

I'm mid-20's & have only started riding this year, always wanted to do it as a child but could never afford it so better late than never! I've had about 12 lessons so far - 7 at my previous RS (wrote a thread about it & how they were progressing me too fast, as I was jumping on my 6th & 7th lesson) & a few at my new RS which is brilliant!

I have a lesson this evening, brought my first hat at the weekend which I am excited to wear for the first time! Not yet had a fall, but my new RS is very small & the horses are less "ploddy" - I've been riding one that is quite forward & spooky that they generally don't use for lessons, but we got on well so think I may stick riding her - so I don't think it will be long until I experience my first!


yikes76 · 13/10/2017 15:22

Hello HoneyBoo! Sounds as though you are having fun and doing well :)

I went for a ride with a friend today. We went for a gentle hack which was perfect and just what I needed to ease me back in the saddle after my fall. I am still a bit achy but I was fine riding today. Hopefully I will have a lesson next week. Hope everyone is enjoying their riding.


KingLooieCatz · 13/10/2017 15:57

Hi HoneyBoo, I remember your thread, glad you have found a different place to ride.

I had a lesson on Tuesday and the horse was a git. One minute he won't stop and the next he won't start, going left when I want to go right. The lot. It didn't even make sense if you know what I mean. I thought I was doing something horribly wrong like unknowingly giving opposite aids with my seat bones or something. Instructor reckons horse was just having a moody day.

Ah well, I guess you learn more in those lessons.


Pinkponiesrock · 14/10/2017 15:21

Hello! Can I join you all?
I've had ponies my whole life but having 3dcs has left me without much time for riding. However youngest DC is off to school now so hopefully I'll have a bit more time now.
I've got a 3 yo Connemara filly called Lucie and I'm currently working on establishing a bit of groundwork with her.
I've found my confidence has disappeared a lot while not riding, I know I'm perfectly capable but can I get my head to accept that?!
Not sure if it's the lack of riding, getting older or the responsibility of having children that's causing it Hmm
Anyway hers Lucie Halo

Back in the saddle - returning to riding chat. Come and join the pony mad pals!

Squirrel26 · 14/10/2017 16:58

She's beautiful!


Pinkponiesrock · 14/10/2017 19:15

Thanks squirrel she definitely is! I think I'm feeling the pressure more as I bought her from a showing yard and I'm not sure I'll do her justice. Before kids competing ponies was my life but now I'm happy if I manage a hack Grin fingers crossed once Lucie is up and going I'll get my mojo back as I think she could really be something special Star


glovesonstrings · 14/10/2017 21:17

That's a very pretty Connie! With regards to confidence, I think riding is a habit. If you do it every couple of days , or every day, the nerves don't build up. It's a matter of fact thing you do like filling a water bucket, or stuffing a haynet. It's when you've not ridden for a couple of weeks that nerves build up because you've broken the habit.


Pinkponiesrock · 14/10/2017 22:11

frouby what's your girls name? I'm a huge Highland pony fan, they really are the best Star


KingLooieCatz · 01/11/2017 10:30

Pink she's beautiful, I'm jealous.

I had a great lesson last night! Somewhat lazy horse went well for me and even left some jumps up. He's notorious for just ploughing straight through. Telling my husband about it afterwards it turns out he thought I was jumping about 5 foot.

Now, is it just me that gets the urge to canter round the office Miranda-style? I have to just do it in my head instead.


Bumblina · 01/11/2017 21:37

I just booked my first riding lesson in two years, I go on at 10am Monday!
I rode as a child, was never that confident as our local riding school was pretty much crazy unschooled ponies and falling off was a regular occurrence. I had my favourite though - a dun mare who would not budge an inch until she saw a riding crop and then would bolt around the arena. she was so pretty though.
I helped out at a carriage driving school in return for riding and again was always riding the naughty biting, bolting and bucking pony. But my love for horses never waned!

Didn't ride for over 16 years and went back to it a couple of years ago, went to a good riding school and had a few lessons, went on a couple of beach rides in the lakes, did a couple of riding holidays in the UK.

Now I'm fitter from the gym and ready to get back in the saddle!
Im not ambitious about riding but i'd like to focus on my seat and maybe do another riding holiday next year.


Fireinthegrate · 04/11/2017 10:14

Pinkponiesrock, Lucie is gorgeous. I love a dun.

Flo got clipped last Monday, ready for autumn. She was so good. Just stood quietly the whole time.

Back in the saddle - returning to riding chat. Come and join the pony mad pals!
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