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Dually halter

4 replies

doozeldog · 13/09/2017 18:58

Hi is anybody selling a dually halter I'm in need of the black one!

OP posts:
Auntiedahlia · 14/09/2017 18:16

There are quite a few for sale on eBay. Essential bit of kit.

CatastropheKate · 15/09/2017 12:47

Essential? What do you use them for?

CatastropheKate · 15/09/2017 12:49

Sorry if that sounds a bit pissy, but genuine question - there's so much new stuff out in the last 10 years, I'm finding it hard to keep up with the new 'essentials'.

Auntiedahlia · 15/09/2017 16:23

Leading, loading, doing ground work to establish manners. If you've got a horse who has become a bit arsey a dually can be excellent to get back on track. However, it can be a harsh tool, and needs to be used properly, especially when you use the schooling ring.

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