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Fly spray

7 replies

Fireinthegrate · 27/07/2017 07:44

So which is the best?
Which one actually works?

I'm currently using a citronella based one, but it doesn't seem to keep the flies off my mare at all?

OP posts:
Letitrain · 27/07/2017 08:05

One with deet.

Rollingdinosaur · 27/07/2017 11:12

I haven't found any of them actually work, sorry. I've bought a fly mask this year, which at least keeps them off his face.

Amee1992x · 27/07/2017 11:13

I got one from pound land as we had loads of flies in the conservatory as there was a dead bird in the vent 🤢! Worked fine.

Fireinthegrate · 27/07/2017 11:18

Amee1992 I don't think that type of fly spray can be sprayed on a horse!

OP posts:
Butkin1 · 27/07/2017 13:02

We use the Power Phaser cream - seems to work better and last longer than sprays we use. You apply with a red sponge that comes with it..

I have to say that Naf's fly spray as worked as well as any we've used though..

Amee1992x · 27/07/2017 15:12

Why didn't I notice the word horse 😂, so sorry I'm an idiot.

Scaredycat2016 · 28/07/2017 07:51

I make my own and it works well, all of mine wear masks too. I don't know what area you're in but here in the south east the flies are awful this year! Xx

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