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zombiemum123 · 22/05/2017 22:18

So after 5 years of battling a nutter of a mare iv had a long discussion with my vet and were really trying regumate.. just curious to other people's experiences with it? Tried everything on the shelf with no success. She's always tempremental but worse in summer... winters not that great though, can mares also season all winter too? Any thoughts comments welcome Grin

OP posts:

DraughtyWindow · 27/05/2017 22:25

OP - look up Animed - this company was even cheaper than Viovet and my ex livery yard owner recommended them - she's had no issues with delivery etc. I think they were £103 for 1 ltr of Regumate, Viovet was £127. Vet charged me £60 for 150mls!!!


villainousbroodmare · 28/05/2017 08:38

Only logical way to approach those ulcers then is to scope, treat (without changing anything else) for maybe 4-6 weeks, then scope again. Seems unusual to me.
Stats are that something like 5% of broodmares have ulcers. 70% give or take of horses in training. This is thought to be due to management and diet. Obviously some racehorses are on anti-ulcer medication but most are not, and most of those do not refuse to accelerate, obviously.


DraughtyWindow · 28/05/2017 08:42

Thanks Villain.
She has 8 days of treatment left. Going forwards I need to perhaps find a foodstuff that supports the mucosum lining...?


villainousbroodmare · 28/05/2017 08:48

8 days of how long a course?


DraughtyWindow · 28/05/2017 09:32

30 days. She's on half a syringe of Ulcer Gold (Gastroguard) a day as she's only 13.2hh and weighs around 320kg.


villainousbroodmare · 28/05/2017 10:10

Please let me know what they find on repeat scope. Interested.


DraughtyWindow · 28/05/2017 21:25

Vet said it wouldn't be worth re-scoping (doubtful if insurers would pay another £300+ tbh).
Done some research and apparently pumpkin seeds, papaya and dehydrated cabbage are good at supporting the mucosa. I'll try them anyway as nearly all the commercial products just contain calcium carbonate which just neutralise the acid... And therefore it's just temporary, hence going down the route of getting the pony's body to fix itself from the inside! (Plus the commercial stuff is expensive!) Plantain is good too - her field has some of that in it aready but don't know if she eats it or not!!


villainousbroodmare · 30/05/2017 22:06

Oh, that's disappointing. I do like facts and visuals!


JustKeepStumbling · 26/06/2017 14:21

For anyone battling the huge expense of dealing with ulcers or suspecting ulcers I can highly recommend Equine Science Gastroplus. Ulcergold was so slow to work and it doesn't stop them coming back (as happened to us) once you wean off it so unless you can afford to be on it long term then it doesn't treat the problem long term as acid production just comes back. I've no idea why mine got them as no change in diet/management etc and suddenly got them. Spent £3500 on it all before finding the Equine Science stuff and now have a happy horse back again thank goodness as once insurance ran out we were stuffed.


DraughtyWindow · 08/08/2017 08:42

Ulcergold I believe is the same as Gastroguard - they contain omeprazole which inhibits the production of acid. This allows the ulcers to heal. It's not meant to be a long term solution. The advice after weaning then off it is to find a supplement that supports the mucosa and together with 24hr forage access and feed regime (no grain) then hopefully they shouldn't re-present. Equinox do a similar supplement and that's what I'm now using going forwards. Each horse is different and it's a case of finding out what works long term I think. Aloe Vera works for some too. Smile

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