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Tigersteeth · 14/05/2017 20:50

Are there any Facebook groups (or similar!) That you know of for selling/swapping kids' riding gear? I've looked, but can't find one. I have a horse mad 6 year old, so she's growing out of jodhpurs/boots etc pretty regularly. I buy a lot of second hand toys/books/clothes etc, I like to thibk its my nod to savingvyhe planet! surely there must be other parents in the same boat somewhere?

OP posts:
Holland00 · 14/05/2017 20:52

Lead rein ponies and equipment, their are several groups with similar names.
All have people buying/selling.

mrslaughan · 14/05/2017 21:01

What area are you in ? We are in Hertfordshire and there are a couple of Facebook groups - focused on our region where people sell stuff- having said that, I have had the best luck with eBay, for selling and buying.

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