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Wide fitting jodhpurs boots?

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iveburntthetoast · 01/05/2017 09:09

I'm finding it impossible to find some jodhpur boots for DD1. She's 10 yrs, wears a size 4, H width shoe. She's also got very high arches (or is the word instep?). Basically she has problems with boots where there not enough room for the top of her feet. She's also got chunky ankles so a lot of the boots we've tried are too tight at the top. Any suggestions?

The last pair I got her were school boots from Next (that were essentially jodhpur boots), but they've changed the design.

OP posts:
kittykarate · 04/05/2017 11:31

I don't know about the H width, but I have a high instep so I often struggle putting on boots as my feet can't 'turn the corner' enough to put them on. I got some with a lace up front rather than the side elastic and they were a lot easier to put on.

Something like these

awesomeness · 04/05/2017 13:04

I found my youngest ones with a zip up front, think their shires, shes high instep and found they were easier

Butkin1 · 04/05/2017 16:03

DD wears Broginis now (for everyday riding) and has worn Ariats in the past - with zips up the front - and she seems fine in them despite a high instep.

She wears the Regent ones in oxblood for the show ring..

QuestionableMouse · 04/05/2017 16:04

I have really wide feet and wear Mountain Horse boots.

mrslaughan · 04/05/2017 20:05

My son is exactly the same in terms of fit . He has to have the ones with a zip up the front , he has had Ariat and just togs ..... but needs a new pair - they are on the shopping list for badminton on Saturday!

Pixel · 04/05/2017 23:19

Ds is the same, I've always had to get the zip up the front ones, even wellies have to be a bigger size just so he can get his feet past the ankle bit. He gets it from me unfortunately!

However, I found these which said they had wider elastic to make them easier to get on and off. I thought them worth a try and actually it's true, they do go on quite easily. They were nice and cheap (especially as I did the free click and collect at ASDA) but I did have a couple of people ask me where I'd got them so they obviously aren't too awful! Also they don't go as far up the ankle as a lot of boots so ds seems more comfy in them (he is non-verbal so I have to guess).

iveburntthetoast · 08/05/2017 15:32

Many thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to order some off the Decathlon site.

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 08/05/2017 21:52

I just bought my son treadstep ones - best fit I have ever found him, but unfortunately not cheap.

Butkin1 · 10/05/2017 12:34

Yes I wear Treadstep jodhpur boots and they are great !

Esssa · 10/05/2017 12:38

Mountain horse boots here. Though they are the steel toecap version and the high riders. I did have a couple of pairs or regent jodhpur boots with a zip on the arch side of the foot. I worked on yards for a few years in those. If I get shoes that are wide enough for my feet I can often wear a 5 or 5.5 instead of a 6.

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