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Rug cleaning service worth it?

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RedComet · 02/04/2017 21:12

Now that the weather has improved had a tidy up. Contemplating having my heavy and medium turnouts washed and re-proofed. Just not sure if it's worth it. Spent a fortune on cleaning last spring. Wonder if it's really worth it. We are near Bexley. I only know a local feed barn who offer this service. Not bad but a tad £££
Is it worth it to have them cleaned?

OP posts:
Garnethair · 03/04/2017 08:25

I'm in two minds about getting mine done this year. They were barely worn really and don't seem very dirty at all. Have washed stable rugs every couple of weeks.

frostyfingers · 03/04/2017 08:50

Unless mine are torn I wash at home - hard work but worth the saving. However do not do what I did with a torn pony rug.....spent ages washing it and then took it in to have the rip mended whereupon they told me that it had to be properly washed by them before repair.

DraughtyWindow · 03/04/2017 12:24

If mine are still waterproof I just get a broom and sweep the dried mud off! I've found they are never quite the same after they've been re-proofed. Confused

Butkin1 · 03/04/2017 16:00

Ours never seem to be 100% at the end of the Winter so we take them in for general mending and washing. We don't reproof. Always satisfying to put them away in the plastic bags in the loft until the Autumn. Having said that ours are all still wearing theres and will be until Easter I expect..

RedComet · 03/04/2017 16:08

Was thinking about washing only and perhaps get re-proofing spray in autumn. Not sure if one wash would remove the weather proofing. the rugs I bought last year were in the sale. Not sure if they are worth it really.
Was just wondering what others do. At our yard most people don't bother washing rugs. just hang them up until winter which I'm sure is fine but I prefer them fresh tbh.
Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks

OP posts:
Pixel · 03/04/2017 19:15

I don't spend that much on rugs to make it worth the expense of having them cleaned and we don't have a lot of mud so it's not as if they get really caked. I like to make sure the insides are as clean as I can get them though so they are comfortable next time they are worn. Usually I brush off all the hair (plastic curry comb is good), then if they have a blanket or fleece lining I lay them out on the lawn and go over them with the extension hose and brush on the vacuum cleaner. You wouldn't believe how much dust and grease comes out and they can end up looking quite new as the colour reappears! I find it rather satisfying. Of course it does then require a good clean of the vacuum cleaner and filters...

I do most small repairs myself ready for the next season. I've got some lovely strong thread (apparently it's for repairing sails) and the proper needles, also pliers for pulling through difficult bits without hurting my hands.

As for reproofing, I don't find I have much problem with modern rugs leaking, but if one did I'd just give it a spray with some Fabsil or similar from a camping shop.

WestWithTheSun · 04/04/2017 11:34

There are 2 ways to approach this:

  1. Buy cheap rugs, wash and fix them yourself, and accept you will be on the lookout for another cheap rug in a year or so.

  1. Buy expensive rugs and be religious about getting them professionally cleaned, repaired and reproofed each year.

I've tried to tot up the cost of each method, and I think it works out about the same either way in terms of £££. But I really can't be bothered with the hassle of buying new stuff on a regular basis, so I go for method 2. I like Premier Equine - well looked after they last for at least 5 years and I know they fit my horses well. At £100+ a rug its worth spending £15 to get them looking like new each Spring (and my local rug service works miracles on them - I could never get them looking so good.) However if your rug only cost £20 I would either replace it or give it a go yourself.
Puppymouse · 04/04/2017 21:34

I took a car boot full of rugs to my local feed supplier to send off for cleaning. No reproofing required. I just want them cleaned off and in bags ready to put away until the autumn. I have a really small metal tack box they don't all fit in so needed to change to lighter rugs hung in stable and heavies put away. Think it's about £12 a rug for the big turnouts, but pay on collection.

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