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Lunawolf · 06/02/2017 20:08

After years of watching DD ride, then helping her with her horse (on loan) I've started riding lessons and taken on a loan of my own.

She's a beautiful cob who hasn't had a great start in life. She is so placid, calm and kind despite this.

I'd love to do some in hand showing with her in spring, however I haven't got a clue what will be expected of either of us! I'm nowhere near ready doing anything ridden, so I thought in hand at small local shows would be a good start for us both.

To start with, what do I wear? Do I need a particular bridle for DHorse?

Any advice/tips would be very much appreciated.

OP posts:
Frouby · 07/02/2017 12:16

Congratulations on your new loan!

For a local show you could use either your normal bridle, a special in hand bridle or a white halter. If her normal bridle is decent I would stick with that. What bit do you ride in? Is the noseband and browband flat or raised?

For yourself you could wear cream/yellow jodphurs, long boots, a cream shirt and a hacking jacket. I prefer to see a riding hat with that sort of outfit but it's not compulsory usually. Though some shows do specify hats must be worn.

Or you could wear a shirt and tie, a waistcoat or gillet and some smart trousers.

As long as you are both neat and tidy, both of you sparkling clean and you aren't wearing jeans pretty much anything goes at local level. Try and get out and watch before you go is the best advice. Make a note of what handlers of similar types to yours are wearing.

It's good fun and a lovely way to spend time with your horse. Be prepared for her to be a bit livelier than at home tho!

Practice your show at home too. Always be on the outside of your horse when walking around and make sure she is on the inside when you turn her. And practice her standing up nice and square too.

Best thing to do though is go and watch first carefully and take notes of what everyone else does.

Butkin1 · 07/02/2017 14:15

Agree with Frouby.. When you say cob do you mean she's a Welsh D? If so a white halter would be correct but otherwise as per Froubly..

We've always shown youngsters with a special bridle and a leather leading rein (using a coupling) but to start with your own bridle should be fine.

Yes practise getting her to stand correctly and she should walk away smartly too. Remember that when you do your walk away and trot back that you should slightly head to your left at the end so you can turn her and she'll trot back on the same line as she walked away. The head straight for the judge (who will get out of the way) and keep going round the corner until you stop and salute.

user1488061528 · 25/02/2017 23:00

Exciting! Usually you show in a jacket or waistcoat with trousers. Depending on your horses colour, determines your trouser colour. Light colored trousers / dark horses leg, dark colours trousers / light coloured legs. What breed is your horse? This will determine what head gear your horse should wear. I would start by going to a local show. Google riding clubs in your area and you should find a local show to go to. They tend to start in April time. EQUETECH do a lot of showing clothing. That's where I get mine! Good luck 🍀

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