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Riding while pregnant

24 replies

ememem84 · 04/02/2017 14:29

I've just found out I'm pregnant. My gp said to carry on with sports etc as I am doing now. I mentioned I ride but he said it wasn't an issue - basically don't start horse riding once you find out your pg but to carry on isn't an issue.

I had my first knowingly pregnant lesson today. I'd spoken to my instructor who switched me to a more ploddy horse who is more placid than the one I usually ride. She has no issue teaching me still. I didn't feel uncomfortable (although the motion didn't help with the sickness! )

I guess my question is whether anyone else continued riding and for how long and was there anything that helped.

Instructors told me she will tell me to stop if she feels she needs to and I have to do the same.

OP posts:
britnay · 04/02/2017 19:04

I stopped riding as soon as I found out both times. I think that I would not be able to forgive myself if I fell off and subsequently miscarriaged. Even the most laid back safe horse could trip and cause you to fall off.

Saying that, I was still poopicking to 6 months (I had spd so pushing the wheelbarrow across rough ground and up hills became too painful) and mucking out to 38 weeks. I stopped leading the livelier livery horses from 3 months, but was still doing my own pony right up to the day before I had my second son.

QuitMoaning · 04/02/2017 19:09

I fell off doing cross country about a week before I found out I was pregnant. I was shocked about the pregnancy but I did stop riding immediately as I felt it wasn't worth the risk.
But I wasn't riding more than about 3 times a month before then so it wasn't a massive deal.

What is sad is that I have only been on a horse once since.
And my son is nearly 19

BarchesterFlowers · 04/02/2017 19:10

I rode until 19 weeks.

Patriciathestripper1 · 04/02/2017 19:15

I carried on riding when pregnant with Dd (but it's my own horse). I ride every day and
I did three day ride (the Mary Townley loop) when I was 20 weeks pregnant.
I stopped at 7 months because the pommel was touching my tummy (I was big) and it was uncomfortable trotting, although I carried on mucking out every day.
I don't know wether I would carry on riding with a school horse as I was riding for fun and not having an intensive lesson, if that's any help.
Congratulations and good luck with the baby Flowers

ememem84 · 04/02/2017 19:16

Thanks for the replies. I felt comfortable today but that's not to say I won't next week if you see what I mean.

Interesting to get other perspectives.

OP posts:
ememem84 · 04/02/2017 19:19

Should also add that dh is happy for me to ride as long as there's no jumping. Although there's risk of falling when trotting etc jumping is extra risk that I'm not comfortable with.

Instructor knows this (the "new" pony either jumps huge or refuses so she never teaches jumping on her). So the plan is that I'll work on my flatwork and trot poles while everyone else jumps.

OP posts:
ExitPursuedBySpartacus · 04/02/2017 19:22

I stopped at about 4 months as my mare was a witch and I couldn't guarantee she wouldn't dump me.

God rest her soul.

Floralnomad · 04/02/2017 19:24

I rode intermittently until about 25 weeks with my second , not at all with my first as I couldn't stop throwing up for long enough , but they were my own horses ,I would not have ridden if it was at a riding school / not my own .

JustCallMeKate · 04/02/2017 19:24

I rode until 32 weeks with my first, 19 weeks with my twins and 26 weeks with my youngest. The only reason I stopped was my bump made it difficult dismounting. I only rode my own horses though, as someone else said I don't know how I'd have felt riding school ponies. Congratulations on your pregnancy ☺

PoshPenny · 04/02/2017 19:32

A friend of mine was riding right up until the day before she gave birth! She did stop jumping though and concentrated on her flat work. Amazingly she was back riding at the earliest opportunity, I think about 10 days post birth.

BarchesterFlowers · 04/02/2017 19:35

A friend of mine rode until the week before Posh, including jumping at a county show at 8 months.

I know my horse inside out and back to front having backed her - I am not sure I would carry on if it wasn't my horse.

An Obstetrician once said to me 'it would take an atom bomb to shift a healthy pregnancy dear, carry on'.

Anatidae · 04/02/2017 19:40

Your advice is sound. Carry on, with minor adaptations - this isn't probably not he time to be jumping or riding anything you know isn't bombproof, but if you feel safe then carry on.
Be aware you may be more tired, and that you can have issues with tendons loosening during pregnancy. If you develop spd, for example, riding probably isn't a good idea. Similarly if you have bleeding/low placenta and are advised to rest etc. But a healthy normal pregnancy is fine. Just pace yourself, don't redline your heart rate, keep hydrated and be aware that your balance will change as the bump grows!

Listen to your body, keep active, don't overdo it. Don't take risks, and stick to the plodding ones

MollyHuaCha · 04/02/2017 21:30

I didn't ride whilst pregnant (though I'm not telling you what do do!). It's difficult for your brain to catch up with your rapidly growing size and change of centre of gravity.

cherrytree63 · 04/02/2017 22:25

With my first, I was competing up to 5 months, hacking out until 8 months. I spent the early hours of labour mucking out.
I had a tough labour though, all that riding and stable work really toughens the ligaments!
I was back mucking out and riding a week after birth.
With my 2nd I stopped riding at about 4 months, as I had surgery early on my pregnancy (I conceived twins, but one was ectopic) and the scar was very painful as I grew. Also found having a toddler and working took most of my time and energy.

ememem84 · 05/02/2017 08:31

Oooh more replies. Thanks!

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 05/02/2017 08:42

I stopped- because I was throwing up all the time.
My friend ride into her late 20 weeks, and stopped as her bump made it really difficult to dismount.
I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, do what you feel comfortable with.
My obgyn did say to me , if I came off hard enough to injure the baby, that was the least of my issues, as they are buried so deep in your pelvic region - the damage to me would be a far bigger issue.

TheGrumpySquirrel · 05/02/2017 08:55

I rode until 6 months, I felt fine, after that bump got in the way a bit. I was training for stage2 exam but never got to take it, so I was still jumping. My teacher was also pregnant!

ememem84 · 05/02/2017 09:15

mrs I have been feeling really nauseous and have been feeling worse in the car (motion sickness too I guess). Yesterday I hopped on and was wearing acupressure wristbands and had gum and bits of ginger in my pocket. Eugh. I think bizarrely being outside fresh air and concentrating on something helps with the nausea.

Instructor has said she'll keep water with her for me if I need it.

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 06/02/2017 15:46

Rode to 25 weeks with DS1, by which time instructor was more nervous than me (despite the fact she'd done the same years ago!), and to about 20 weeks with DS2. That said, I did stick to flat work.

Also with the possiblity of falling off, I cycled to 38 weeks with DS1 (when it really did become a bit uncomfy) and 30 with DS2 (winter)!

randomsabreuse · 06/02/2017 15:56

Rode at a RS to 16 weeks or so. Also went on a ski holiday at 12 weeks. My view was that while the foetus is still contained in the pelvis it would take a lot to damage it - the level of fall required would be very unlikely and bad news regardless of pregnancy.

Around 16 weeks I felt my core strength was affected, getting off was a pain (non-bhs style leg over the front not optimal at bhs yard...) and we'd just bought a house so I had to get on with going up ladders doing diy...

I didn't have any morning sickness to contend with though. Was up and down step ladders painting with minimal voc paint to 38+3 (gave birth 38+4) and it was a quick labour.

Rollingdinosaur · 06/02/2017 21:38

I rode until I started to show, at about 4 months, as it affected my balance. It was on my own horse, and mainly hacking though.

Littlegreyauditor · 07/02/2017 16:54

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I tried to keep riding, I really did. Firstly my balance went all to hell and I fell off a blameless horse( at a fast walk) into a bog, then the surprise HG vomiting started (I was sick on a horse, poor baby. His face was a picture of utter horror) and finally I was warned I would most likely have a low lying placenta. At that point I though I should quit while I was marginally ahead.

I did discuss it with my instructor and was aiming to ride until 12 weeks on a fat, gentle horse then maybe hack out a bit until I got too big. It was a nice plan. I didn't make it past week 6 in my lesson, week 12 on my hacking.Sad.

So I suppose my advice is: make plans, but prepare to be flexible. Do what you feel you can do safely and enjoy yourself whatever you do.

ememem84 · 07/02/2017 21:00

For now I'm going to keep going as I feel ok about it. The minute I stop feeling ok I know I have to stop.

I'd love to continue for as long as possible but know I could go for another three or four months or three or four weeks.

OP posts:
Biggles398 · 09/02/2017 19:33

First off, Congratulations !
At the time I was pregnant, I had two horses. I rode them both until the day I went in to be induced, but I did change what I did. One is a s*d to hack out on, so I limited that (mostly schooled him and didn't hack him out on my own), and the other I cut out hacking on routes where she would get excited for a couple of months, because the jogging would make me feel ill!
My OH had no problems with me riding, but a few of our friends made a few comments (to him, not me!)
Just go with what your instinct / body tell you. It was actually more the yard work that affected me!

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