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Reporting cruelty AIBU

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RedComet · 20/01/2017 19:14

We are stabled at nice friendly yard however there is one man who is a total bastard. He used to have 2 horses and a pony at the yard for his DDs. He is really not nice, constantly threatening his DDs that he was going to sell their horses which he did!! One day one of his DDs arrived at the yard to find her stable was empty. He had actually arranged for a dealer to come and take the horse away without telling his DD who's horse it was. Anyway the reason for this post is that I would like some advice as to which organisation would be able to help. Earlier this week the b*@stard* beat up the pony because it didn't want to stand still. The vet has seen to the pony during a routine visit this week and confirmed that the jaw is broken. The incident was seen by a hand full of people. Any advice if there are any animal cruelty organisations who could help. I have been told on many occasions that the RSPCA and BHS are not very good.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


OP posts:
PollytheDolly · 20/01/2017 19:19

Forget the RSPCA they are crap.

Being totally useless, I'm not sure who is best to contact, just know who isn't! I'm sure someone else will know better than me.

Poor pony, what a bastard. Sad

DraughtyWindow · 20/01/2017 22:25

BHS Welfare Dept.

RedComet · 21/01/2017 08:19

Thanks can try but I know of an ex race horse that was reported to the BHS because it was left starving. They did nothing..

This poor pony is hiding in the back of his stable totally petrified every time someone walks past her stable.

OP posts:
Veterinari · 21/01/2017 08:23

The rspca are the only organisation with the power to do anything but their hands are tied if evidence is limited. As you have several witnesses and a vet examination, chances are good - report to them

SoftSheen · 21/01/2017 09:11

Report to the RSPCA. They are good in clear-cut cases where there is plenty of evidence to prosecute, which in this case, it sounds like there is. I am surprised that the vet hasn't already reported it TBH (if indeed he/she hasn't).

bluetongue · 22/01/2017 05:28

Poor pony. It must have been hit with some force for its jaw to be broken Sad

RedComet · 22/01/2017 07:23

I have reported it to RSPCA now wait and see what happens if anything.


OP posts:
WellErrr · 22/01/2017 07:38

It's a criminal act. Report it to the police.

The RSPCA are not the police.

Veterinari · 24/01/2017 20:00

wellerr the police don't prosecute animal welfare cases in England and Wales - the RSPCA have been devolved these powers

Polista · 24/01/2017 20:15

Vet should have reported it her or himself- broken jaws not usual injuries and vet must have asked what happened to poor animal?

littlemissM92 · 25/01/2017 20:16

This made me cry

littlemissM92 · 25/01/2017 20:17

Someone needs to break his jaw and sharpish what a fucker

RedComet · 25/01/2017 21:06

Just an update ... or lack thereof :-(

I know that the vet came back yesterday to check on the horse but I have not seen the vet and I don't know what the vet has been told as to how the injury occurred. A simple explanation could be that the horse got kicked in the field. I have reported to the RSPCA but I have no further information. I'm confident that if the RSPCA had contacted the owner it would all have kicked off at the yard. In all honesty I don't have much confidence in the RSPCA. I hope that once the pony's head heals he will sell it. Most of his horses don't last long.

OP posts:
RedComet · 27/08/2017 18:03

An update & it is not getting better....

As expected RSPCA did nothing. Probably didn't even investigate. This friendly pony has been treated so poorly that she is not bitting and kicking to people and other horses alike.

The man in question bought a 2 year old which he was going to have trained up and sold on and then sold on as an investment. Unfortunately instead of letting the horse be a two year old he decide to chase the horse around the sand school with a whip over 1.2 meter fences. The horse is now lame. Both back hocks are damaged. Vets have quoted £4K to operate but the horse is not insured (don't think the insurance would have accepted liability considering how the injuries were incurred) and the guy decided he is not going to pay up so 2 year old is now stuck in a dirty stable with no medical attention whatsoever! How can all this just happen?? Why is there nothing that can be done? I don't understand why this is happening.. sorry if this is long..

Thanks for reading

OP posts:
RedComet · 27/08/2017 18:05

Should read pony is now kicking ...

OP posts:
Floralnomad · 27/08/2017 18:08

Why are the yard owners / managers allowing him to behave like this in / on their premises ? Nice yard or not I think I'd be looking to move elsewhere where this would not be allowed to happen .

SockEatingMonster · 27/08/2017 18:11

This is heartbreaking, I can't believe the date on your first post and that this has been going on for so long.

A friend of mine used to work for World Horse Welfare and rated them very highly. I don't believe they have any 'powers' but they have a rescue line and are all horse lovers. Good luck.

user1495451339 · 27/08/2017 18:12

Maybe contact a vet about it as they may know the best course of action? Also, call the local police number as they may do something or know the best person to contact. Don't leave it as this man is a nightmare, contact everyone you can think of. I also wonder if the stables know this as surely they could refuse to take any new horses from him?

RedComet · 27/08/2017 18:30

Unfortunately it looks like the yard owners like so many in the horse business have £££ signs in their eyes. I'm currently in the process of moving house and once that's done and dusted I will look in to moving the horse. The opinion of the yard owners seems to be that it's none of their business and it's none of ours either!
I just wished I knew where to turn to. I feel so 😡 and 😭 at the same time. If the RSPCA and BHS do nothing then what does one do?

OP posts:
CaptWentworth · 27/08/2017 18:33

World Horse Welfare, today. That is horrific.

Juno2002 · 27/08/2017 18:36

That's awful. I was advised to contact World Horse Welfare rather than RSPCA for horse issues. Maybe worth a try?

SteppingOnToes · 27/08/2017 18:46

Seconding WHW - though they may not be allowed to get involved now the rspca are involved :( but you could report the second horse? Though likely he will just claim it is on box rest :(

RedComet · 27/08/2017 19:41

Going to google WHW... hopefully they will help. Will post update when I have further news. Thank you.

OP posts:
yawning801 · 16/09/2017 19:21

I was about to say WHW. Hope you're getting somewhere. The yard I used to go to is very poor and I've reported to the RSPCA - nothing!

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