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Recommended cheap stirrups?

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user1480179933 · 26/11/2016 17:14

I've started loaning a new pony and I'm finding it very hard to get used to her canter, I keep losing my stirrups! I think part of the reason for this is the stirrups are very bulky and heavy and the treads are quite slippery. I've been looking at some lighter weight ones online, the shires compositi ones get good reviews and I like the look of them but I don't think they're safety stirrups, does anyone have any experience with them? Also there seems to be two types - compositi reflex and compositi premium profile, does anyone have either of these and which are better? Or any other recommendations (under £30)

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 26/11/2016 18:07

I don't think the issue is with your stirrups - it's with your leg's really common for people to curl their leg up in canter or during the transition, and then to loose their stirrups .
Have you tried taking the stirrups up a hole?
The other option is to buy new treads, rather than the whole stirrup.....

Pixel · 26/11/2016 20:02

I agree it's probably not the stirrups though rubber treads might help a bit and they are very cheap and easy to put on. If you are schooling try riding without stirrups for a short time before you canter. Stretch your legs down and drop your knees back, then take back your stirrups and try a canter. See if stretching out your leg muscles makes any difference. You are probably gripping up without realising it, I used to do it a lot and always lost my stirrups!

midnightlurker · 26/11/2016 20:07

Agree it is you, not the stirrups. Try to be completely relaxed - tension will make you bounce, which will make you grip, and you will lose your stirrups. You could get new rubber grips for the stirrups you have (a few £) and spend the rest of your money on a lesson with a decent instructor.

WellErrr · 26/11/2016 20:11

BHSAI here.

Aye, it's not your stirrups. You will probably find that you're ahead of the movement - you will be tipping forward slightly which will bring your lower leg back, causing you to lose your stirrups. Very common problem. I'd put money on it!

Weight evenly on your seat bones, lift up through your chest, lower leg beneath you. Lessons on the lunge would be helpful Smile

user1480179933 · 26/11/2016 20:25

Thank you everyone! I've been riding for around 10 years and haven't had this problem before, thinking about it though it probably is me as I've been pretty much riding the same horse for the past 3 years and the cob I have now has a very different canter.
I think I'll still get new stirrups or treads though as I can see where all the grip has worn down on mine

OP posts:
WellErrr · 26/11/2016 20:30

It's ALWAYS you Wink
When Pippa Funnell's having issues, it's always her too. When my horses go like shit it's me too Grin

Think about your position next time you're cantering. Think about the tipping forward thing. Does your school have mirrors? Also, if you feel confident, do as much as you can without stirrups in all paces.

5OBalesofHay · 26/11/2016 21:00

Why not just canter without stirrups until you're used to his canter?

frostyfingers · 27/11/2016 13:53

Can you get someone to video you with their phone - it's a brilliant way of seeing what's happening and helping you get it right?

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