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Anyone going to HOYS this week?

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ProseccoBitch · 04/10/2016 10:41

I'm going on Thursday for the M&M WHP and if we can stick it out the ridden M&M championship in the evening.

Just had a look at the timetable and am wondering what 'build and walk' is in the international arena? I haven't heard of the display (Gilles Fortier) either so am off to Google both now.

Taking a picnic and some mini bottles of prosecco as everything is always so expensive there!

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ProseccoBitch · 04/10/2016 10:42

Oh god I'm an idiot, before I'd even searched I realised it is of course the course build and course walk for the next class....

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Butkin1 · 04/10/2016 15:40

Yes we're going on Thursday to see the M&M Workers and then back on Sunday to see the SHPs. Both the classes that DD does.. She's ridden there the last couple of years but she didn't qualify her new worker and the SHP - who was winning everything back in the Spring - has sadly been injured although hopefully back next season.

We love HOYS and delighted that school have given permission for DD to take a day off as she was so disappointed at not qualifying.

It is expensive but the food and drink is the least of my worries compared to the shops !!!

Greatest week of the year - just a shame I'm so busy at work and can't spare other time off..

ProseccoBitch · 04/10/2016 15:44

I'm keeping away from the shops! I've competed once but don't show at that level anymore. That's great they let her have the day off.

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Garthmarenghi · 04/10/2016 16:46

Prosecco, that made me laugh - build and walk could be an advanced handy pony class!

ProseccoBitch · 04/10/2016 17:46

That's what I was thinking, I was a dab hand at handy pony in my youth, thought I might have a shot at qualifying!

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