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First ridden/Lead rein dilemmas

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blinkyoullmissit · 02/05/2016 21:13

I'm looking for a four legged best friend for my ds!
He's going to be one in 6 weeks time so not something that will need to be out competing.
Up to 12hh (as my little sister will want to ride every now and again to keep the pony fit)
Would prefer an older pony that will just want to plod about and be loved
We have a 5* home awaiting, I've worked at event and stud yards so won't just be going to someone who knows nothing

seriously though, I cannot for the life of me find anything suitable! Everything either too young, too tall or needs a firm rider ugh

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Sparrowlegs248 · 02/05/2016 21:17

I recently got a tiny pony from a friend, Shetland ish but not as chunky. Ds is 9months so a bit early but the pony is an angel.

Have you tried local l pony clubs? They often pass ponies around without them ever being advertised.

blinkyoullmissit · 02/05/2016 21:42

I've checked the local pc websites to no avail :(

OP posts:
Sparrowlegs248 · 02/05/2016 21:47

Can you post a wanted ad on them?

Campbell2016 · 03/05/2016 18:00

Try the RSPCA, mine came from there

BaldricksWife · 04/05/2016 09:31

Hens teeth I am afraid, even harder is one to take a small child safely in to the world of off lead riding. We found ours which we have on loan by word of mouth, an old girl who has got every t-shirt and the star of our yard for giving us peace of mind. Try the lead rein and first ridden groups on FB and good luck!

Biggles398 · 04/05/2016 19:57

Definitely post a wanted ad.
I did this and got loads of replies - only a couple were ponies that I'd seen advertised - a lot of people seem to hold on to them until someone asks about them!

lavendersun · 04/05/2016 20:01

Blink when I was trying to find a lovely home for my Shetland, 9'2" I couldn't find anyone to give her away to. Maybe I was too fussy but better that than the opposite.

Works both ways unfortunately. Best of luck. When I bought her I bought an unbacked 12 year old and did the work myself because I couldn't find anything either.

lavendersun · 04/05/2016 20:05

Biggles - I didn't advertise her, pretty little well mannered ponies attract idiots in the main in my experience. I wanted an experienced horsey home that wouldn't treat her like a dog. Someone who understood about laminitis and decent, post and three rail minimum, perimeter fencing as a minimum.

lavendersun · 04/05/2016 20:07

Oops - too many minimums but I am sure you get my drift Grin.

blinkyoullmissit · 04/05/2016 20:19

Thankyou for the advice!
Yes the type I'm after get snatched up far too quickly! It's ashame as I would class myself as fairly experienced having worked at eventing and stud yards and backed horses. The pony would be treated like an absolute king/queen and want for nothing!

I've put up ads but everyone who's been in touch, their ponies just aren't suitable :(

OP posts:
Biggles398 · 04/05/2016 21:38

Don't give up - the perfect one will come along! :)

WellErrr · 04/05/2016 21:41

Good ponies are hardly EVER advertised, and are usually 'booked' a year in advance of their current rider outgrowing them.

Sorry, I know that's not much help! But get out and about asking round.

blinkyoullmissit · 04/05/2016 21:54

I'm just so eager for my little boy to have his own! (Don't worry I'm totally not a pushy parent)

And even if he turns out to not like riding my little sister loves to and would be delighted to take over Grin

OP posts:
lavendersun · 05/05/2016 07:19

No one would have known about my pony Blink, kept at home and we don't do PC and that sort of lark so I think that a wanted ad is the way forward. Farrier, tack shop, feed merchant is what I would do to begin with.

What would you do with it long term? DD never took to riding and I now have a 'spare' pony to look after for the next twenty years - a lovely companion but worth bearing in mind future years when it is no longer ridden.

blinkyoullmissit · 05/05/2016 07:34

Pony would live with us for the rest of its days, that's no problem at all

OP posts:
lavendersun · 05/05/2016 08:25

That is lovely Blink, am sure you will find something.

I tortured myself about mine being wasted as a field ornament at first but got over it eventually.

Butkin · 05/05/2016 11:23

There are a couple of nice (and not expensive) Section A lead rein ponies being advertised on Horsequest now..

I would suggest a couple of things though. Firstly as your DS is tiny you should only be looking for a LR. You mention FR in your header but it's really hard to find a pony that will do both things well. Older and experienced LRs usually don't make great FRs and probably won't be enough of a pony for your DS when he's 7 or 8 and wanting to move on with his riding.

Secondly I think it's unwise to suggest that you'll give a pony a home for life. Ponies soon get outgrown in terms of chilidrens height/size/experience and it's not really fair for them to become field ornaments. Unless they are really elderly much more enjoyable for them to be passed onto other little children who will learn to ride on them and love them as yours will have done..

blinkyoullmissit · 05/05/2016 16:50

Butkin that's why it's hard for me to find something! I want good on the lead rein and a good first pony. I want an older pony so hopefully when my ds moves on the pony will be ready to retire and can spend its days with us! I'm willing to pay the money for a pony like this but there's just none around!
Ds will be one in five weeks so I've given myself a year to find him something, which also gives me more time to add to the pony fund!

OP posts:
blinkyoullmissit · 05/05/2016 16:52

Also if the pony is younger, it will never be sold. Even when ds outgrows and he needs a new little rider it will be loan only!

When I was little my mum sold my first pony and it still breaks my heart. So I've sworn that DS first pony will stay forever

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