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First BE ODE next month, any advice welcome!

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Rollingdinosaur · 18/04/2016 13:37

I am finally taking the plunge, and having a go at a proper affiliated ODE next month, if I don't get balloted out. I am excited, and somewhat terrified. I have done several unaffiliated ones, and not made a complete tit of myself, so this seems like the logical next step.

I would be interested to hear any tips, or ideas of what to expect, from those in the know. Will the standard be a lot higher? Will I look a prat, as a lot of my gear is on the cheap side, and I will be turning up in 4WD and trailer, rather than a swanky lorry. I am also not sure on the hat standard required, it mentions PAS 015, and kitemark. Does that mean it needs both? My hat has the kite mark, but not the other bit. I suspect that means I need a new hat, but I don't want to fork out for one if I don't need to. Any tips will be gratefully accepted, thanks.

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Rollingdinosaur · 26/05/2016 09:46

Oh Frostie, that's a bit pants! Are you able to stand on it OK? Could you lunge, so that he is at least getting some exercise?

I'd be interested to hear how people do get their horses fully fit. Mine did puff going round the XC the other day. He was still going well at the end, and stopped puffing very quickly, but I am never sure how to tell if he is actually fit enough. Do you all have a set routine for getting horses fit at the start of the season? I have just been riding as much as I can, and doing a bit of everything.

OP posts:

frostyfingers · 26/05/2016 11:26

Yes, it's not too bad really. It's just that riding itself will be bad & the risk of damaging it further is high so best avoided, I daren't lunge as the turning (for me) is dodgy! Two lovely friends have offered to help out luckily so he'll be kept ticking over.

Fitness is a bit of a guess for me really although I think if they stop blowing pretty quickly after strenuous exercise then they're ok. I loosely follow the interval training idea, lots of ideas online if you're stuck.


tootsietoo · 04/07/2016 09:29

Right then middle aged eventers. Where is next? Have you done another one rolling dinosaur?

I've done one more event since our 2nd place. A riding club 80cm. He stopped twice xc! So gutted, he felt as spooky as he did last year again. It's going to take an awful lot more going out and about to get through this, if we ever do. He did feel very flat as well though, so I have put him on better grass and now feeding a performance balancer.

I've entered the first 90cm for a couple of weeks time :D


frostyfingers · 04/07/2016 21:36

Sadly I'm a middle aged non eventer! Waiting for an op on my knee so mighty cheesed off about that. However although the doctor rolled her eyes when I asked about riding before the op she didn't say I couldn't as long as I could cope with the I'm going to have a go at a gentle hack and see what happens.

Frustrating about the stops tootsie - were they a similar sort of fence and could you feel it happening or did he slam the brakes on last minute? Is he the same when you.go schooling when everything is much quieter, perhaps just lots of schooling so it's all a bit of a non event might do the trick.
Don't really know what to suggest really but I can imagine how annoying it is.


tootsietoo · 04/07/2016 21:53

No, I can feel it coming a mile off, I ride my hardest and I still can't get him over it! Both identical fences, plastic brush fences before a 2nd part (water, and a double). He's great schooling. He is still really uncomfortable heading off on his own away from a collecting ring. It's the Welsh brain, several people I know have reported similar experiences with Welsh types!

An op is never good, do you know when they will fit you in yet?


frostyfingers · 05/07/2016 11:37

Ah yes, the Welshie attitude, I've come across some very opinionated
Welshies in my time. I don't know what the answer is unfortunately - does he go over happily enough 2nd time usually? I suppose it has to be lots of events but that's expensive and time consuming!

I tried a ride today, just about OK in walk but trotting was difficult so I'm not sure how to proceed. I don't have a date yet, but they're talking about a 12 week wait which is bad but I'll just have to be patient.


IsItTimeForGinYet · 05/07/2016 14:03

Oh frosty. That is so annoying. A 12 week wait??!! Hope it is far sooner.

Sorry to hear about the stops but well done for getting out there.

So I'm still saddle hunting (yawn!!) and also waiting for the fabulous horseback vet to come out and sort out the horse's back as he doesn't feel quite right. Hacking fine. Schooling not so. There is always something.

Olympic team announced this morning. Very exciting and not long to go until they all go out to Rio!


tootsietoo · 05/07/2016 15:34

Oh I hadn't seen that! Just looked it up, great team. I watched Allercombe Ellie round Badminton and I thought Izzy Taylor did an amazing job getting her round, she didn't look particularly happy. But the Olympics is a 3 star isn't it? So hopefully will be easier for her.


IsItTimeForGinYet · 05/07/2016 16:59

Yup 3* rather than 4. So very pleased WFP has made the team. What a year he has had. And love Kitty King's horse. Exciting times.

Also if anyone is at a loose end this weekend, please do log on and watch the ERM at Barbury. They really need people watching and I have been told that the footage should be really impressive.


Rollingdinosaur · 05/07/2016 21:27

Oh tootsie, how frustrating! I guess all you can do is keep at it, and hope he gets more consistent with experience. We have a 24 year old welshie, still waiting for her to grow up!

Frosty, hope the surgery is soon, and gets you sorted!

I am doing my second BE this weekend. Done a couple of unaffiliated ones in the mean time, with consistent results, all clear jumping, with a few time faults, and passable, but not spectacular dressage. No rosettes though. This will be my last one with my lovely reliable loan horse. I have decided it is time for him to slow down a bit, and found him a lovely new person, who will keep him at the same yard, spoil him rotten, and not expect too much from him.

This leaves me in the exciting and terrifying position of looking for a new horse! I am planning to buy this time, which will be a scary new step. I have not felt able to commit to a horse enough to buy for the last 20 years or so, and I finally feel like I can. Just need to find the right horse now!

OP posts:

tootsietoo · 05/07/2016 22:55

OMG dinosaur! You can buy an eventer! (With that spare 15k....). How exciting. Do you know what you are looking for? Size, age, type, experience?


Rollingdinosaur · 06/07/2016 21:03

Funnily enough I have been keeping an eye out, and have seen some perfect ones for between 10 and 20k, shame I don't have a budget to match! I am thinking TB X native type. 16 hh ish, I will need to get something pretty young and inexperienced, or it will be out of my price range. I am quite excited about the idea of starting from the beginning with a youngster. I am not looking forward to the actual process of looking for a new one, people tell such horrendous lies when they are trying to sell horses!

OP posts:

tootsietoo · 07/07/2016 10:23

Yes, it is hard. Perhaps a dealer? If you have acquaintances, or friends of friends who deal who you can get a recommendation about, then they give you the best chance of trying a horse several times, and the option to return. There will be steps forward and steps back but it must be the best feeling to achieve results with a horse you have started from the beginning of its competition career. Lucky you.


StayAtHomeNotMum · 09/07/2016 14:51

I've been reading this thread with interest - I love the support you are all giving each other! Smile

rolling I am currently helping a friend of mine look for something similar - although she is looking for 16.2hh approx as she is 5'9 - most of what we are finding are too small for her - would you like me to send any your way? We are Shropshire-way.

We saw a delightful 16hh 4 yr old Irish draught x TB yesterday that was really nice, but sadly too little


Rollingdinosaur · 10/07/2016 10:27

Stay, it is lovely of you to offer, but I think you are a bit too far North for me unfortunately. If you hear of any good ones down South let me know though!

OP posts:

Rollingdinosaur · 10/07/2016 10:34

Oops, posted too soon!

Tootsie were you doing anything this weekend? Good luck for the 90 next week!! I have had a couple of local dealers suggested to me, and lots of people are keeping an eye out for me, so fingers crossed!

Frosty, hope the 12 weeks doesn't drag too much, and Gin, hope the saddle hunt comes to a successful end soon!

I did my second and last affiliated ODE with my boy yesterday. He was a superstar, and I was far less of a gibbering wreck this time round. Dressage wasn't brilliant, but it was never going to be, but we finished on a lovely double clear, so I am really pleased! Got a few time faults XC, as despite walking the course twice I managed to get lost, and had to pull up while I worked out where I was going! I am such a numpty! Horse went round like a rocket though, and didn't want to stop at the end! So much fun, I am going to miss him!

OP posts:

frostyfingers · 10/07/2016 13:40

Well done Dinosaur - what a great feeling that must have been. Exciting times ahead! My appointment with the specialist is a week away and I made the mistake of googling the surgery - recuperation time seems to vary from 3 weeks to 3 months which is depressing. I'm managing to hack at the walk and do very short trots but it is pretty painful tbh. Getting off is agony as the knee locks into position but once I've hopped around a bit it's ok. I'm trying again tomorrow but will take painkillers first to see if it helps!

I refuse to give in and let horse get too fat and unfit, at least until I know what's happening.

Off to watch the ERM on live stream now - if you haven't before do take a look it's great.


Rollingdinosaur · 10/07/2016 22:49

Glad you are managing some riding! I have spent hours this afternoon, watching the ERM, brilliant stuff! Haven't watched it before, but I certainly will be again!

OP posts:

IsItTimeForGinYet · 11/07/2016 21:22

Well done Rolling! Were you at Bicton? I spent Saturday at Barbury and then watching the ERM footage on Sunday. Alice Fox-Pitt is so good at what she does. It's really important that people log on and watch as they need the numbers to prove that there can be a commercial interest in eventing and bring in more money and more awareness.

Saddle hunting continuing. Sat in a Voltaire at Barbury which was beautiful...

Good luck Frosty with your appointment

What exactly would you like Rollig and how much is your budget? I'm down south...


tootsietoo · 12/07/2016 10:32

Double clear, fabulous Rolling!

I did a wrinklies class at a tetrathlon this weekend, just for the xc schooling really, but it did mean I had to do a run as well Shock. It was a 90, and a bit more challenging than a BE course, a few different things thrown in like a staircase, step into and out of water and a gate and a slip rail. Spooky cob jumped most of it well (I say well, he gives everything about 2 feet of air) but did stop twice at 2 fences, a sharks teeth into woods and a boat before water. I am going to change my riding style at these sorts of fences as I had clocked them as the ones he might be likely to take exception to and I got him really short, slow and bouncy. I think I'm going to try sitting right back with a bit more speed and kicking much harder. It's a bit more a high risk strategy as probably more likely to fall off if he stops, but I've got to get him thinking forward more!

More xc schooling tomorrow!


Rollingdinosaur · 12/07/2016 12:33

Yes Gin, it was Bicton. They were giving out rosettes for double clears too, so it was lovely to have something to bring home. I am looking for a gelding 15.2 to 16.2 probably TB x native, or similar type, aged about 5 to 7. I'd ideally like something that has started jumping, and shown it enjoys it, but not done too much yet. I won't be jumping higher than 90, with the odd 1m showjumping class if I'm feeling brave, but I do want something honest. My budget is up to £4500, but that has to include tack, and rugs. It would be great if you did hear of anything Gin!

What does a tetrathlon involve tootsie?

OP posts:

tootsietoo · 12/07/2016 15:20

Pony club tetrathlon is shooting, running, swimming, riding (xc). The children do it, and some competitions have classes for the old people which I like to enter because I like to embarrass myself Grin. Fortunately the children aren't embarrassed by me yet!

I like Facebook for finding horses too. Search for all the horse sales groups local to you and join them, then your newsfeed becomes one big horse advert. Keep us up to date on the horse hunt!


IsItTimeForGinYet · 12/07/2016 18:34

I have massive respect for you Tootsie. I did one PC tetrathlon when I was 8 and the run still haunts me!!!

Will keep an ear/eye out Rolling and let you know if I hear of anything. Love that Bicton has started giving out double clear rosettes.

Olympics appear to be approaching fast. Riders kitted out in their GB stuff today. It will all be over 4 weeks today!

Another saddler coming on Friday. Am keeping everything crossed he can fit something to the two of us... I haven't jumped him for 3 months although will give it a go in the dressage saddle if saddler fails!!


tootsietoo · 13/07/2016 10:24

I have massive respect for my children, they actually appear to enjoy it!

Hope you find a saddle gin.


Rollingdinosaur · 13/07/2016 22:34

Wow tootsie, that sounds like hard work! Well done.

Thanks Gin. I will keep my fingers crossed for the saddle fitting.

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