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First BE ODE next month, any advice welcome!

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Rollingdinosaur · 18/04/2016 13:37

I am finally taking the plunge, and having a go at a proper affiliated ODE next month, if I don't get balloted out. I am excited, and somewhat terrified. I have done several unaffiliated ones, and not made a complete tit of myself, so this seems like the logical next step.

I would be interested to hear any tips, or ideas of what to expect, from those in the know. Will the standard be a lot higher? Will I look a prat, as a lot of my gear is on the cheap side, and I will be turning up in 4WD and trailer, rather than a swanky lorry. I am also not sure on the hat standard required, it mentions PAS 015, and kitemark. Does that mean it needs both? My hat has the kite mark, but not the other bit. I suspect that means I need a new hat, but I don't want to fork out for one if I don't need to. Any tips will be gratefully accepted, thanks.

OP posts:
IsItTimeForGinYet · 26/09/2017 21:10

Frosty mine has been rugged out in the field for the last 3 weeks. It has made such a difference. I loathe clipping so am trying to leave it as long as possible. He's very good to do but takes ages as he is so big. So hope to get out soon. Was hoping to on Saturday morning but need to ride eventers instead and can't say no to money. Think this will be the last one though for a while so hopefully next week.
Jon be kind to yourself. It can take a surprisingly long time to get over the special ones.

IsItTimeForGinYet · 26/09/2017 21:21

He looks lovely Jon! So pleased he is doing ok

frostyfingers · 27/09/2017 05:53

Looking good Jon!

tootsietoo · 12/10/2017 23:31

Excellent news that he's sound! Just in time for a winter's work before next year's competition season Wink. Impressive to hear that you get paid for riding lovely horses Gin, good going!

Excitement here is that my training buddy has qualified for Badminton grassroots! I am jealous and relieved at the same time - she will be a bag of nerves for 7 months! My 5 year old is going well. Went for a farm ride with the children yesterday after school (last couple of weeks before the light goes Sad ) and he totally got it all, didn't crash through anything and jumped a nice chunky hedge, which makes me optimistic for a bit of hunting on him this year. We're making progress on the flat too, with the help of some quietly used draw reins to help him stretch his topline. We may make it to an event next spring at this rate!.

Rollingdinosaur · 13/10/2017 15:57

Hi all! He looks fab Jon. Glad to see you back on board! Sounds like everyone has had a busy summer. Tootsie your youngster sounds supercool!

I can't believe I've had my new boy almost a year now, it's gone in a flash. He is definitely pushing the limits of what I can cope with, but we are getting there slowly and if I can stick with it he has plenty of ability. I've discovered I have still got a sticky bum but I'm a lot less brave than I used to be.

He is odd in that he's really brave in situations where there's lots going on, but really insecure and prone to explode in big open spaces where there is nothing to focus his mind. I've enlisted some professional help and am now able to stop him bucking before he starts and ride him through it most of the time. His showjumping and dressage are coming on really well. He is now jumping round a small course of show jumps confidently however spooky they are. I'm still not sure if I'll ever be brave enough to take him XC but he is so good at just about everything else I have no doubt we'll have fun.

The plan at the moment is to get out doing some dressage and jumping through the winter and see how we feel in the spring. What is everyone else planning for the winter competition wise?

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 27/10/2017 09:06

Well that’s 19 days autumn hunting done, horse clipped twice already and Opening Meet tomorrow....I’m knackered already!

I hope you’ve all been having fun, it sounds like things are going well Rolling - I’ve been mulling over taking on a youngster as my next horse, then at least any baggage it has is my fault rather than trying to correct other people’s!

Jonsnowsghost · 14/11/2017 17:40

Hi! How is everyone getting on? Buzz and I are no back to cantering and even doing some tiny little jumps. I've been doing a lot of hacking too because he has been a bit spooky on his own so I'm trying to build up his confidence going out. I've also been cantering on the hacks when I can which is a big step for me as I used to get a bit nervy cantering new horses out in the open.
Hoping to maybe get to a little indoor comp over winter but depends on transport really!

frostyfingers · 19/03/2018 10:08

I thought I’d resurrect this - what a long gap! We’ve finished hunting for the season and my lovely boy managed 43 days in total, from end August to end Feb so he’s out in the field having a well earned rest (although not enjoying the weather too much!), roll on the time he can have his rugs off.

Anyway I’ve thought about bringing on a youngster and am looking at a 5yo who was broken last summer, turned away over the winter and is now back hacking. Any pointers as to what I should look for - confirmation, handling I know about, but anything else in a youngster that I should be aware of? I’m taking a friend for a 2nd opinion, and my DH who has to make sure he likes what I buy as he’s non horsey and needs to be comfortable handling it when I’m away.

Ideas on what to do with a youngster over the summer to bring it on would also be helpful! I’ve ridden for a very long time but never worked with a youngster.....

tootsietoo · 28/03/2018 11:46

Hello all. 43 days hunting. Wow!

Sadly my youngster (rising 6 this year) has been off since February with a splint, which is still not right. So another month or so off still. I had tried to be so careful with him, but I went to visit a friend for a day's hunting and we stayed out till 4, I couldn't really go earlier, and I suspect it is that which did it. So my only top tip for youngsters is go carefully, little and often and don't hammer their legs! Great idea though, good experience for you and you will have the satisfaction of having a horse you have made yourself and is completely schooled for you and you will understand each other so much better.

As for the rest of them, older daughter is going really well with my old pony who I evented, and she is doing her first BE80 after Easter. Younger daughter is going really well with her new pony, and so I am just getting very jealous! I have offered to have a friend's horse here for a month to sell, so that will give me something to ride at least.

So now it's spring, what are everyone's competition plans?

Rollingdinosaur · 30/03/2018 11:36

Sounds like you had a good winter frosty! As far as youngsters, I am no expert but I think the main thing is to get them out and about to experience as much as possible, and buy a decent back protector as they all seem to have their moments!

Sorry to hear yours is out of action tootsie.

We've had a pretty rubbish winter. Because it's been so wet in between the snow and ice the horses have had to stay in a lot. Mine doesn't enjoy being in much. At the end of January he managed to rear up while I was leading him, fell over and ended up with a nasty gash on his leg. It did heal up pretty well but he earned himself a few more weeks stuck in his stable.

We've recently got going again, but he's lost a lot of muscle and fitness. I had entered a mini ode this weekend just to get out doing something, but as we seem to be in the middle of monsoon season it has been cancelled. I would really like the weather to dry up and spring to begin!

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 31/03/2018 08:14

I’m done with winter and all this rain - spring is taking a long time in coming and it would be so nice to have some proper sun. Dhorse was rugless this time last year, no chance of that yet. He’s squelching about in the mud looking pissed off!

Tootsie I’m sorry to hear about your splint problem, there is stuff you can put on to harden them but I suppose time is the best cure for them but at least you’re not missing lovely spring time hacks.

I looked at the youngster but have decided against him as he was much finer and smaller than described, he had a sweet character though. I’m thinking more and more that I won’t have the time to bring on a young horse as apart from anything else I don’t have any facilities, not even a flat field, so to school it properly on a regular basis we would forever have to box up. Also, I surprised myself by being really nervous and the thought of being tipped off, which is bound to happen, has made me think that perhaps it’s not for me....too many responsibilities! I’ll keep looking and hopefully something will turn up that fits.....

I would say have a lovely horsey Easter, but I don’t think that’s possible as I listen to the rain pouring down again.

Jonsnowsghost · 04/04/2018 11:26

Hi! Also getting annoyed by the weather...

But bigger news is I bought myself a little box so now I can go out and about Grin unfortunately it's not Buzz's favourite thing so he takes a while to load but with practice I'm sure he'll go straight on. He travels fine in it and comes off totally relaxed he's just stubborn about going on!
We had our first comp last weekend and got a 5th out of about 25! It was only 60cm SJ but you have to start somewhere! He did have a pole which was unfortunate but excellent for a first time. We got eliminated in the 70cm which was totally my fault as I was overthinking about the fillers so he picked up on it and stopped then I just lost my nerve. I am slowly getting my confidence back up with jumping and courses and I enjoyed the 60, I think the 70 might've been pushing it a bit!

It also turns out that it was Buzz's first competition ever (spoke to his old owners) so I was very very impressed with how well he behaved Smile
Next comp is trailblazers SJ on Saturday and only doing a 65cm so fingers crossed he goes well (and goes on the box...)

Sorry to hear about the splint :(

tootsietoo · 18/04/2018 09:18

Hello. Well done for getting out Jonsnowsghost. You've done more than most people have this year, by the sound of it! This horse lark definitely has more down time than fun time I reckon. We just keep ploughing on through the wind, rain, snow and lameness for the few minutes of exhilaration a handful of times a year!! Although actually the 10pm peaceful goodnight chats to my ponies are definitely worth it all as well.

Rollingdinosaur · 22/04/2018 14:40

Hope you find something soon Frosty! I have to confess I wouldn't get a youngster again, it is harder than I expected, and has pushed me to the limit a few times over the last year.

Well done on getting out showjumping Jon. How did the second competition go?

How is the splint now Tootsie? Hopefully you will be back on board soon?

Today was one of those days that make it all worth while. We went clear round jumping, just to get out and do something. It was the first course we'd jumped this year, and he was amazing! He's been a prat every time I've jumped him in lessons recently, getting over excited and bucking. Today he acted like an old schoolmaster, and did two lovely calm, clear rounds, in a lovely balanced canter, without even looking at all the scary fillers. I am over the moon!

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 22/04/2018 16:32

Well I have found something...16.3 gelding rising 8 who is an absolute gent on the ground & so far seems ok to ride but I haven’t done much as a) thought I’d let him settle b) short of tack c) short of time! Good Irish Draught on sire’s side his Gsire is Crosstown Dancer, plenty of bone so I’m pretty hopeful he’ll fit the bill.

He’s done some BE80/90 & a fair amount of hunting. He was more £££’s than originally planned but having looked at one that was lame, another that tried to bite all the time (ulcers I thought) and one that was a “full up 16.” & was in fact nearer 15.3 on his tip toes & driven miles we decided to go for this one.

Integrating has been ok although my plan to keep him separate lasted about an hour as he jumped out. There are a few bite marks on both & one or two kicks but I think they’re settling in - they were standing in the shelter out of the sun ok which was nice to see. Once I’ve done a bit more I’ll let you know how we’re getting on. Exciting & scary!

tootsietoo · 23/04/2018 20:52

Hey! A new horse and a lovely clear round. Two very positive updates! What a buzz rolling to get to that point. Worth all the hard work I bet. Good luck with the new one frosty, great news.

I'm leaving mine til after badminton (my annual holiday) then praying the vet will give him the all clear to get going again. He has lost all his muscle so it's back to square one with the work.

Thank goodness the spring is here!

Jonsnowsghost · 27/04/2018 19:42

Hmm well I've done a few since I last posted and we're having issues with running out. I had a lesson last weekend which was really good and we were jumping clear rounds by the end of it and I've got loads of new tips and tricks to try! The problem I have is that if he stops/runs out/has a dodgy jump the rest of the course goes to pot as I just want to get it over with. I need to slow it all down and compose myself if there's an issue, I only jump small so I can come right back to trot if needed.
Got another jumping comp on Sunday so I'm really hoping I pull myself together, use the tips and we get a clear round. Unfortunately there's only 2 in my class including me so the measure of getting a rosette isn't how I can judge it so just aiming for clear!
Glad to hear everyone else is getting on ok Smile

Rollingdinosaur · 29/04/2018 21:07

Ooh, how exciting frosty!

How did you get on today Jon?

OP posts:
Jonsnowsghost · 29/04/2018 21:35

Still had a run out! But the course was 18 jumps and 1 in 18 was definitely an improvement so I'm really pleased with him. It was a narrow jump with planks and a wing in the middle so was pretty uninviting and as much as I tried he still snuck out. Jumped it second time though.
We got 2nd but there were only 2 in the class Grin if he hadn't ran out we would've won as we were 10 seconds quicker than the other person!

foxinabox123 · 30/04/2018 00:06

I've got my first BE with my horse 2 weeks on saturday! Doing 80 but hoping to move up after that. I'm doing an unaffiliated 80 on Sunday as well but at an affiliated place so same course. Exciting! I think we will be ok she has done a similar level as a 5yo last year but we've not had the best prep with the weather and all.

Also just had my first lesson with newly broken 4yo today and she was really excellent so have high hopes for her.

All in all I'm just excited!

Rollingdinosaur · 06/05/2018 15:55

Well done Jon. That sounds very positive. What's next?

Good luck with your events fox. Let us know how you get on.

We've been out and had another go at clear round, at a venue we haven't been to before. He was very tense and spooky when we got there, not helped by another horse almost sitting on him when I first got on. Managed two clear rounds though. He just needs to learn not to launch himself 4' in the air over scary fences. I guess the good thing is that he's honest. It wasn't pretty though, reins and stirrups being lost all over the place. Grin

OP posts:
Jonsnowsghost · 06/05/2018 17:01

Today I went to a local yard to do a working Hunter show and we went clear!! I was annoyed with my placing though (4th) because he did a lovely show piece but struck off on the wrong canter lead, which I immediately corrected so I was bumped down below 2 people who honestly did terrible show pieces (one was doing this weird shuffly canter and one was my friend who said hers was shit!) But never mind, i was still super proud of him for going clear :-D next weekend I have a cross country "confidence building" clinic and it'll be our first time out xc!

Imapudding · 10/05/2018 23:56

I find showing classes annoying Jons, I've not done a lot but I've always found WH really annoying if horses have had one down and get placed above me (especially as horses I've taken in WH have always been exceptionally good hunters!). Too subjective. Dressage is as well but hopefully less subjective.

Update from me, 6yo went brilliantly at the unaffiliated 80, dressage was good from my perspective because she was really infront of the leg which she's not been, but resulted in a bit less roundness and obedience so 36. Not bad.

SJ - she jumped well but got a bit long and flat to some little planks for 4 faults.

XC - she flew!! I think with a bit more experience she'll be a "XC machine" type, she just wanted to gallop and jump! Lovely feeling.

So BE at Somerford next weekend. Feeling confident all will go well. Hoping to then step up to 90 but they still look at bit hard. Not sure if it's too soon? I have a lot of experience at BE100 but not for a good few years. Not sure what to do.

Jonsnowsghost · 15/05/2018 11:31

Had an xc clinic on Saturday and oh wow was I scared but he jumped everything and was a little superstar Grin not without many stops and run outs but I would get him over them at least twice after. He even was super chilled out cantering with others or with others cantering around him which I didn't expect as my old pony used to take off in that situation!
We even ended up jumping some BE80 fences!! The instructor was terrifying and shouty ha ha but that is what I need. I made the mistake of telling her I didn't like steps so up we went over and over 🙄 really enjoyed it when I'd finished though, I'll add a couple of pics below

Jonsnowsghost · 15/05/2018 11:35

Here's a few pics

First BE ODE next month, any advice welcome!
First BE ODE next month, any advice welcome!
First BE ODE next month, any advice welcome!
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