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Lead rein walks on pony or Shetland

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GingerDoodle · 30/03/2016 08:51

DD is 3.5 (4 in Sept) and since Jan has decided she rather loves horses. I'm more than happy to indulge her interest with short walks on a lead rein.

We've got two local stables that do walks. One walks up a quiet but public lane led by staff. The one in a sand school led by young riders who have finished their lessons/ are helping out. Both stables give rides on small horses / ponies.

I recently got chatting to a lady who owns a shetland who is on full livery nearby and she's offered us the pony for rides (her children have outgrown the pony and she would like him to have company).

So far so good; I'm just pondering wether using a Shetland after getting used to a full size pony is a good idea?

I can ride but am a novice when it comes to children! TIA!

OP posts:
Butkin · 30/03/2016 13:56

I'm no fan of Shetlands as they can be feisty little buggers and I've always recommended on here that people start on Section As or Dartmoors.

However if you've got the opportunity to ride both Welsh ponys at the livery and to get spare rides at this ladys place on the Shetland I'd go for it. Nothing improves a young rider more than riding different ponies in different situations. Should really get her going and hopefully remain enthusiastic.

Pixel · 30/03/2016 21:27

As a different perspective every single welsh I've ever known has been a bit of a sod full of beans, yet our shetland has never put a foot wrong with a child, and is completely bombproof. It really does depend on the individual pony.
Shetlands are great for lead rein because they can trot along without too much effort being required on your part Wink. If there's one you can borrow it would be a great chance to get out and about with your dd rather than just plodding round the school (possibly in the care of a bossy teenager), which would be a nice experience for you both, especially with the better weather (hopefully) coming. I really miss wandering in the sunshine with a child and a shetland .

kscience · 31/03/2016 16:43

Sounds like a nice gesture. I would carry on with the walk outs too, as dd will then be comfortable in the surroundings when she is old enough for more formal lessons.
I would advise (with my instructors hat on) that you check when the pony was last ridden, and be absolutely sure it has been ridden by children under her supervision, and that said pony (regardless of breed) is a paragon of virtue.
I would also ask what insurance she has in place.
Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but accidents do happen even with the most trusted of steeds and if dd falls off could dent her pride or worse. Also if you are walking on country lanes or pony escapes from field you would be liable for any damages to cars etc.
Hope dd has fun and continues to enjoy ponies.

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