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New owner reported to rspca

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Harebella · 22/02/2016 20:25

After a tough decision we sold our horse in December after visiting a young woman with a lovely, large field, good water supply and grazing plus two other horses. She seemed kind and genuine if a little scatty. The two other horse looked fine to me and to my (more knowledgable) daughter and the field seemed perfect. So we sold him to her only to find out recently that she has been reported to the rspca many times for horse neglect! It's heart-wrenching and stressful news to hear. The new owner told us that in the past she has had malicious reports made against her but there are now new reports apparently (according to someone who saw it on a local horse chat forum). How can I find out the truth? It's difficult to visit him without trespassing otherwise I would go and look for myself. Has this happened to anyone else?

OP posts:
Booboostwo · 24/02/2016 18:50

Get in touch with the owner, say you miss your old horse and ask if you can visit. If she lets you and he's being kept in poor conditions see if you can buy him back.

It is possible that the report to the RSPCA was made maliciously or in ignorance and hopefully your horse is in a good home.

Floralnomad · 24/02/2016 21:48

I used to be at the same yard as someone who was repeatedly reported to the RSPCA when she had her horses in a field in a local village , she certainly wasn't the best horse owner in the world but she was far from neglectful so it could all be malicious as it most definitely was in this case .

Harebella · 29/02/2016 19:15

Thanks for replying. It appears he is ok and being looked after by somebody else now, but I need to get him back. It's turning into a nightmare tbh. I need to get his passport back but I doubt she will give it to me.

OP posts:
Booboostwo · 01/03/2016 18:27

That's reassuring news.

Surely if you sold him the only option is to buy him back. Did the person currently looking after him buy him from the woman you sold him to? If yes, have you tried making her an offer for him? If she has him on loan I need to contact the owner and again see if you can buy him.

shamonts · 02/03/2016 09:57

Sadly if you have sold him there is not a lot you can do Sad. This is why I can't bear to sell any of mine and have loan ponies all over the place!

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