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The tack room


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CoppyPock · 05/01/2016 19:24

I have a 'proper' horse Wink and a Shettie.

I am thinking of moving Dhorse but I am in two minds....kind of.

Current place:
15min walk from home - i don't drive so this is handy.
Owners are very laid back, happy to leave us to it. I get one well with them and only one other livery who I can easily tolerate.
24/7 turnout if wanted.
No where to ride in the winter as its to wet, slightly slopey field to ride in in the summer, not ideal but its something.
Hacking is ok but its right on the edge of town so while this is a plus dor getting to the yard, going for a hack involves at least 15mins through a estate to get to lanes.
Facilities in the case of a tack room/feed room etc are basic and not secure.

Its very basic, no electris/running water but its easy going, cheap and during the summer i can cope more than happily.

Possible new place:
Its a proper yard with a outdoor school.
Great hacking round quiet lanes and woods.
30mins walk from home so double distance.
Secure tack room/feed room/yard.
Horse would need to come in at night in the winter and can be out all summer. He is a teeny bit funny about being in but its something thats workable and I am hoping he will get used to if he had to.
£5 more per week for horse, pony would stay in current place (i have help so wouldn't need to go everyday for him just as much as I can)
Electric/running water/ a KETTLE!! and a toilet Grin

My main issues are the distance - i don't mind the walk and have done further before but might struggle twice a day (friend is at same yard so could help if desperate), have a 8yo as well.

Pony being somewhere else...

The reasons i am considering a move are:
Field at current place are bog like as we are on a slope - talking mud up to horses knees in some places and he is struggeling (tb).
I haven't ridden for weeks due to having no where to ride on site, to hack he is quite spooky so getting out of the town would be lovely and eaiser.

So, what would you do?
Am I insane or thinking along the right lines?

OP posts:
Gabilan · 05/01/2016 21:36

Can you cycle to the other yard? 30 min walk = 10 Mins by bike

CoppyPock · 05/01/2016 22:35

I can, this is another option but I dont currently have anywhere to keep my bike at home the moment its at the yard.

If i moved him I may have to try and squeeze it in a cupboard - no idea if it will fit but if it will then its a option!

OP posts:
Gabilan · 06/01/2016 18:52

If you've got room for vertical storage, hang the bike by its front wheel from a hook.
I'd be a bit wary of keeping the pony at a yard I'd moved the horse from. Even really laid back YOs might not be too understanding! Otherwise, moving to somewhere with better facilities sounds good.

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