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classical dressage lessons

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ShapeSorterGoesWild · 22/10/2015 13:25

Does anyone know of a classical dressage instructor in Essex? I don't have own horse... which could be an issue. I have been riding at BHS schools but I'd like to give classical a try :) the two seem to be mutually exclusive at most places...

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mrslaughan · 22/10/2015 15:15

Sylvia loch has just moved to the Essex Suffolk border apparently. She used to do lessons, no idea if she still does, but she has a Facebook Sylvia loch/ classical riding

ShapeSorterGoesWild · 22/10/2015 18:48

Thank you, I am going to try Water farm dressage which is where she is based. I have also found another place, Contessa riding centre. Has anyone had any lessons at either? I'm looking for lunge lessons ideally.

OP posts:
daisy5569 · 22/10/2015 19:49

I've had a lesson at Contessa, they have some lovely horses and it's a nice yard. Worked really hard too, spent ages in trot on a circle working on my position and only at the end did the instructor let me canter! Was a few years ago but was a great lesson, if I were nearer I would have had more lessons there.

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