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Please recommend me a nice stable in the Bexley area.

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BlueBrightFuture · 20/09/2015 15:58

I used to own my own horses until I was in my late twenties. (Not in this area). My DC have started riding about 18 months ago but we are struggling to find a stable with good school horses and instructors. From what I have seen so far the school horses are totally knackerd... So far we have tried Mottingham Farm but especially at busy times those horses are out up to 7 hours a day! North Cray stables I liked a lot but they don't really have lessons that cater for riders who have gone past the beginner stage and Mount Mascal which is more factory than stable just awful! I would like to find a nice stable where horses are looked after and nice instructors.

Any advice greatly appreciated. There are so many stables here that there must a a hidden gem in the area.

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Lasvegas · 29/09/2015 10:24

Mount Mascal is great for all ages and experience . it does pony club. also does

NutBiscuit · 29/09/2015 10:35

Have you had a look at Timbertops? I used to have horses on livery around Bexley so don't have much personal experience of the riding schools but people always spoke highly of Timbertops. It's in Sidcup rather than Bexley but not a million miles away

BlueBrightFuture · 29/09/2015 16:02

Thanks will have a look at Timbertops. We tried Mount Mascal but it is not for us. I would like to find a nice stable with view of getting our own in the next few months. Ideally I would like the horse out most days and overnight in a stable.

Thanks again!

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Biggles398 · 29/09/2015 20:15

Probably a bit far, but Mayfield in Tatsfield is ok. Horses are well looked after and definitely not over worked! They do working livery, so some of the school horses are actually privately owned. They also do shares/loans/pony days etc

BlueBrightFuture · 01/10/2015 13:12

Thanks, possibly a bit far for us but will have a look as to how long it would take to drive there.

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ponymadmum · 10/10/2015 12:09

Agree mount mascal is a shocking place, just about making as much money as possible with little regard for the welfare of the horses, and Shocking customer service when there are problems. You are very wise to steer
clear! For riding lessons I would recommend old bexley Equestrian it's at the very beginning of stable lane on the right hand side, it looks a bit tatty from the road but the horses and instructors are superb. Pop in and ask for Wendy who owns it, she has many beautifully schooled thoroughbreds who are her pride and joy. She has horses suitable for all levels from Shetlands for tiny tots up to advanced dressage horses. The horses are all well fed,look after and loved. Give them a try, best move I ever made.

BlueBrightFuture · 18/10/2015 07:27

Thanks Ponymadmum,

Have been to Old Bexley a few times. Horses are indeed well cared for. Just not sure what it will be like in winter with no indoor riding facilities and I do like to get a hot drink. Never mind will invest in a warm coat and flask! Other than that it is probably the best option in our area especially of you care about welfare of school horses.

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