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What would you expect to pay for....

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D0G · 11/09/2015 22:23

A welsh section a, 11.2 excellent breeding, 6 years old, super on lead rein but has done a small amount with a six year old riding off lead, hunted and showed and behaved impeccably very flashy, bomb proof in all traffic, done all ground work to drive pulled a tyre and had harness on etc, happy without shoes but well behaved for farrier, good to clip etc and comes with rugs and all tack?

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D0G · 11/09/2015 22:30

The boy in question

What would you expect to pay for....
What would you expect to pay for....
What would you expect to pay for....
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mrslaughan · 12/09/2015 14:30

You could almost be describing our pony....ours a little bigger 12.2 - I don't know if that makes a diff. and we paid 950 - no tack.
But at the end of the day it depends what the owner is prepared to accept.

Booboostwo · 12/09/2015 15:07

Under 1k would be my guess as the pony is young and not very experienced off lead rein. I'd want to check that he would not take the mickey with a younger child if he is used to a 6yo rider.

lastqueenofscotland · 14/09/2015 14:13

to be honest, 600ish.

D0G · 16/09/2015 10:25

Hmmm I think I let him go for too little tbh especially as he had all (decent) tack and rugS. He will go off lead and doesn't take mock but tbh at his size most would be lr?

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D0G · 16/09/2015 10:27

He also hunted off lr with small 6 year old on and has done all ground work and worn a harness pulled a tyre etc

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Butkin · 16/09/2015 15:20

I think about 600 would be about right. Maybe 750 if coming with bridle/saddle/rugs..

IconicTonic · 17/09/2015 12:03

What did you sell hm for?

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