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New pony advice please

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catanddog · 07/09/2015 17:48

DCs first pony is due to arrive in the next couple of days, and I'm suddenly in a complete panic! Am a returner after a long break, but have never owned, although have been sharing for the last 2 years.
The plan was to have pony living out (we have 2 veterans renting a paddock from us, and the owners are happy for pony to join them.) Pony has lived out in the last year or so, but been at livery for the past couple of weeks.
Should I turn pony straight out on arrival with the other 2, or keep pony fenced off but in line of sight of the other two until settled? Secondly, pony has been on hard feed (whilst at livery) am I ok to just feed grass straight off the bat, or should I wean it off hard feed feed for a short period? Sorry for such silly questions......

OP posts:
honeyroar · 07/09/2015 21:58

I would try and fence a bit of the field off initially that they can have a sniff and a squeal over without hurting themselves, put the pony in the fenced off bit for a few days then let it into the big field with the others.

I wouldn't worry too much about the hard feed if you've got reasonable grass and unless the pony needs hard feed to put weight on (unusual in most ponies!).

honeyroar · 07/09/2015 21:59

I just re read your post, and pony hasn't even been on feed/livery long, so no I definitely wouldn't worry about the feed issue, I'd just see how he does on grass.

Pixel · 08/09/2015 17:22

Depends how much grass there is of course...and how fat the pony is. We will be getting a flush of goodness in the grass at this time of year and lots of people get caught out by a bout of laminitis as they think it is only something they have to worry about in the spring. For that reason I would stop the hard feed, and even restrict how much he gets of that if the field is at all lush, just until you see how he does. You can always put a little chaff and a chopped apple in a bucket if your dcs feel they want to give him something (they will no doubt be madly excited and wanting to spoil their new friend!) or if you want to make sure he looks forward to being caught.

And yes I agree with letting him make friends with the others over the fence first. If possible I would also walk him around the field while they are not in there and let him see where the trough is etc. That way if he does get a bit chased around he has less chance of running into something and getting hurt.

Pixel · 08/09/2015 17:23

I meant restrict how much grass he gets, sorry. I accidentally deleted a bit and thought I'd filled it all in right but obviously not!

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