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Pony Club

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AspieAndNT · 22/08/2015 14:17

Hi. Would someone be able to explain what this club does. Ds2 has asked to join. I have looked at the website but it doesn't give a great explanation.

Many thanks

OP posts:
JemimaMuddledUp · 22/08/2015 14:40

I think a lot depends on what your local stables/branch offers.

DD is a Pony Club member and can do:
Thelwell club every week, which is an hour's riding lesson and an hour of stable management. They work towards different badges.
Pony Club rallies where they either do a whole day or (even more exciting) 2 whole days with a sleepover. Again they work towards badges and just generally have fun!
Pony Club Games - the team practices every week and then they have inter club competitions
Other competitions, eg Jumping, Dressage etc
Training and Tests which work through different levels of knowledge about horse and pony care, riding safety etc

DD loves it.

AspieAndNT · 22/08/2015 15:26

Many thanks for your reply.

From what I can understand there is a yearly fee for membership but I can't see how much the meeting cost is. Does that vary from club to club?

OP posts:
JemimaMuddledUp · 22/08/2015 15:33

I think that probably varies.

Here (Wales, I'm guessing SE England etc would be more expensive) 2hrs of Thelwell Club is £24 per week, or £220 for 10 weeks upfront. 1hr of Pony Club Games practice sessions are £12 per week. A full day (10am - 4pm) Rally is £35.

Do you know the contact details for your local branch? They would be the best people to ask.

SonceyD0g · 23/08/2015 00:13

£64 annual membership then a rally costs either £16 or £18'pounds. £10 for an hours dressage training. They cover all disciplines in our club but you do need to be able to travel

honeyroar · 23/08/2015 22:42

Yes it varies from club to club on cost of rallies/lessons and what is available. But generally speaking it's a great club for young equestrians. Lots of fun and learning. It's something a lot of us look back on as one of the best things from our youth. You'd be best to email/ring the District Comissioner or secretary of your local branch and asking what is on offer.

Does she have her own pony? There are branches at local equestrian centres for those that don't have ponies too...

Eve · 08/09/2015 11:23

I'm a membership sec .

£64 for membership, this is for overall PC and includes insurance

You join a specific branch who then organise rallies and you pay for these rallies to the branch, price varies according to arena hire, instructor etc some are a lot more expensive than others.

You are best to have a chat with Membership Sec for your local branch.

fatbottomgirl67 · 14/09/2015 09:19

Once you have paid membership you just pay for rallies or clinics as you go. Prices vary from branch to branch. Pony club is essentially a training organisation and as such a lot of training is subsidised. One of the nicest things is about it is the friendships it creates with a whole new bunch of kids. They all train together, compete together and of course go to camp. Camp is one of my kids favourite things about PC. Ask around to find the branch that will suit u and your kids.

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