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If you have ever sold a horse

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Greyhorses · 17/08/2015 07:25

Did you keep in touch?

I sold my (very difficult) horse last month. He went to a fantastic experienced home with a breeder who is used to challenging horses and can keep him how he likes and I know he will be well cared for with no expectations.

I really struggled with him and he caused so much heartache, but I still feel as though I want him back when I see him doing well.

The breeder is doing very well with him and he has even gone to a few competitions with great results which is making me green with envy. I always knew he was a brilliant horse but I couldn't get the best from him as I didn't have he time or he has what he needs he is turning into the horse I always wanted and I am green with envy and wish I had persevered ConfusedEnvy

I can't get another at the moment, mainly because I don't have enough time or money and also because I want to wait until finances are better so I can compete and am not limited to happy hacking but I do miss horses at the moment! My next horse I want to get from a specific breeder so I can show it to a high standard and want to be able to afford a small lorry or trailer. At the moment I could scrape livery but no extras.

Someone talk me out of browsing horsemart Blush

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Carmichaelangelo · 17/08/2015 21:24

Yes, I gave my last horse to a friend last year. He was too much for me and I after a year of trying he was never going to be suitable for me. He is doing really well in his new home and I've seen photos and videos of him which are lovely. After 6 monthsi bought my new boy. He had been with his previous owners for many years and they were devastated to sell him. They came to check out my yard before they sold him to me, text regularly for updates and are welcome at any time to visit him.

I still browse horsemart ,but would say try to wait til you can really afford to buy what you really really want!

backinthebox · 17/08/2015 21:48

I sold a horse a few years ago - he liked a team of staff and a busy social life, and was rather disappointed with the turn his life took when I had a baby and brought him to live in the paddock at home after he had spent a couple of years at a fancy yard. I lost touch with him as the buyers didn't stay in touch and sold him on quickly. I often scoured Horse and Hound for him as he was an extremely distinctive horse. Then by chance I found him again living not too far away and having a lovely life. His current owners had no idea of the life he had with me, and found out many of his more amusing foibles the hard way (oh how she laughed to find out just how many different kinds of door latches he can open! I could have told her, had I just known where he was.) I'm thrilled that after all the years of hard work I put into him someone has finally managed to take him to the Royal International, though I am sad it wasn't me. I get regular updates by Facebook and have been to visit him, and he has visited me with his regular rider. I'm not envious, because I have another fabulous but easier to manage with my lifestyle horse and I would always have struggled to fulfil his potential, but I am pleased to be able to see what he is up.

StercusAccidit · 21/08/2015 17:53

I sold a lovely pony not long ago that i couldn't do much with due to having a small baby. I do get a little twinge of regret that i sold her, she is absoloutely gorgeous and i'll always remember her for being the first pony i bought after ten year break following my horse being stolen.
Then i see the little girls videos that the family who bought her put up and i know i made the right decision, though i'd be lying if i said i didn't have little pangs of 'I wish i'd kept her for my own children'
have an un-mumsnetty {{hug}}
You will find the right one for you eventually and you will click and have a fab partnership x

Gabilan · 21/08/2015 20:01

Haven't sold one. I've bought two. The first had a home for life. I stayed in touch with the owner for a few months but by then I'd already had the horse on loan for 6 months. The older owner didn't have the time that the horse needed and I think knew that the horse had been well placed, so wasn't too worried after that.

Likewise with current Dhorse's old owner, I was in touch for a few months. She had him for less than a year and for much of that she was trying to sell him, after an accident on the road meant she didn't trust him.

He's now nicknamed Captain Sensible and introduced as "that's Gabi's horse, he's perfect" so I think we've got over whatever problems she had! She's an experienced rider, she just wasn't quite as black and white with him as she needed to be. Sometimes I think it's not so much as experience as time and/ or a personality clash. Better to find out your old horse is doing really well, even if it's bitter sweet, than lose touch or find out the poor horse is being mistreated.

BlueBrightFuture · 03/09/2015 20:20

Is this the horse you were thinking of having PTS? Pleased to hear you found a suitable home for him. It may be hard for now but it will get better in time. it sounds like the best solution for both of you. Hopefully you will find a horse which is suitable for what you want to do and you can enjoy. Good luck OP

Greyhorses · 05/09/2015 15:29

Yes it's the same horse, I found a great home for him where he never has to travel or be stabled again and he was intended to be a companion for youngsters/retired ponies. However, a young groom has been riding him and he is doing so well (much better than I ever had!)

I am missing horses so much at the moment Sad however financially I can't afford to buy another (and I lost lots of money on first horse!) or keep one in the way I would want too which im really frustrated about!

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