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Fuming *laminitis related*

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Ekkwhine · 16/08/2015 00:14

Some twunt has been feeding my laminitic Shetland new hay and hard feed as "he looks hungry all the time" and they "didn't see the harm" and they're now playing the woe is me card on FB, how they were trying to help and it's been thrown back at them etc etc.

Firstly, he's not hungry, he's on a strict soaked hay, balancer and starvation paddock routine.

Secondly if they didn't think they were doing wrong then why did they do it after I'd left/remove evidence before I arrived?

I'm so so mad right now, the crap I've been through with this pony. He's only recently started turnout again after a bout, she's seen him barely able to walk, the agony, the weeks of deep beds/box rest, the bute and acp, the vet visits, the farrier, the tears of frustration, of fear, the truly awful time we've been through getting him sound. I even put my riding horse out on loan to be able to focus on him, to have the time and finances for him, I don't understand her.

And now she's all over FB pulling this vague "I've tried helping and yet again get it thrown back in my face" stunt, que several friends asking what's happened and the obligatory "I'll pm you" response.

I'm so tempted to write up there just what she's been doing but the grown up part of me thinks I should keep my mouth shut.

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quietlysuggests · 16/08/2015 02:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ekkwhine · 16/08/2015 02:37

A fellow livery, though it's not a yard with a manager set up, we just rent our individual stables, paddocks etc and pop to see the old man to pay every month. He has no interest in yard politics etc.
I'm so pee'd off, she's a know it all. My horse is quite a warm boy, hates to be over rugged and twice she swapped his MW T/O for a HW as the other Tb on the yard had hers on. We clashed over that. Now it seems that I'm wrong by following the advice of my vet.

This is why I hate yards lol

OP posts:
CatchIt · 16/08/2015 09:51

Oh god! Poor you& poor pony! I really would reply on FB, better still, I'd puta post up on your homepage, tagging her in it and explaining why what she did was so dangerous.

I really feel for you, these people are just as bad abusers as those who do it intentionally imho.

I really hope you get it sorted and move yards

Gabilan · 16/08/2015 14:23

Is there another yard you can go to? I'd be fuming. Feeding a laminitic pony is bloody dangerous.

And the rug thing would really, really piss me off. My boy is also warm. If he's overwarm he comes out in a horrible rash so I always err on the side of under-rugging him as he's happier that way.

Not sure about the FB thing but unless the yard is super-convenient for other reasons I'd be tempted to leave and tell the owner why. He may not be a yard manager, but he won't want to lose good, paying customers over the actions of one idiot.

fenneltea · 16/08/2015 17:23

I'd put a sign up saying not to feed on veterinary orders. Anyone found doing so will be liable for vets fees and reported to welfare organisations. Makes my blood boil when people who should know better do this!

Bonkay · 17/08/2015 15:44

As the owner of a lami shetty myself I would shove her face in the muck heap and Yank her hair out if she'd done it to mine.

However....being grown up and the yard manager worth talking to?
Big signs on the door?

britnay · 18/08/2015 12:47

The owner of the land may not be interested, but legally he has duty of care for the animals on his land, so it is his business.

Tyrannosaurus · 20/08/2015 16:35

Wow, some people are just spectacularly stupid! I'm not surprised you are cross. Hope the pony is OK!

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