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M&M lead rein

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notasausage · 29/07/2015 22:08

So DD and I had a go at our first M&M lead rein class at the weekend and were placed 5 out of 6 which we were pretty happy with tbh but I could do with some help with my outfit. I have bought a hacking jacket that matches DDs and wore black leggings and my long riding boots with a black hard hat that is similar to DDs. Pony is a bay unregistered Shetland so are limited as to what level of classes we can enter. I think my top half is OK as I match DD, but not sure about wearing a hard hat or what I should wear on my legs. Do I really need to go the skirt route or would I be OK with cream/beige trousers with jod boots or Canary jods and long boots to match DD?

Any other tips on what the judge is looking for would also be a great help ie how much is on the Pony and how much on the ability of the rider. I've also been told that as DD is 6 we would be marked down agains younger riders?

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MegEmski · 30/07/2015 13:13

Smart trousers will be better than leggings. Ideally a contrast to the ponies legs, so the judge can see the pony move. Maybe find some in a charity shop?

Presume you had all the usual - gloves on, tie, top button done up, hair neatly in a hairnet under your hat

This looks lovely, and is a trouser outfit not skirt (hopefully attached picture succesfully!)

What tack was the pony wearing - all simple, plain, no coloured numnah etc.

M&M lead rein
Butkin · 30/07/2015 22:48

Firstly you certainly should not be marked down for being 6 unless your daughter looks too big for the pony which can spoil "the picture". Children can ride in M&M LRs until they are 9 and in many of the affiliated classes they will be at least 8.

To do well in LRs the pony and child should be going well and in an outline (pony should be on the bit but I know it's difficult with Shetlands). The leader is really just there for safety and to suggest direction to the child/pony. Just work out a simple figure of 8 and work on a smart halt. Pony should stand square and work out a system with your DD so you bow together (maybe say "1-2-3 bow") which will look effortless and will stop you rushing.

Meg gives you lots of good tip above and hopefully you have a nice leather lead rein and a leather show cane. You should ideally have the lead rein in your left hand but not too serious.

Have a look at these pictures taken from a M&M LR class at Midland Counties. These will give you an idea of how you need to look -

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Butkin · 30/07/2015 22:55

Sorry I should have said that those photos at Midland Counties are aspirational. You don't need to go the whole hog to start with. Just see if you and your DD are enjoying yourself first. To be able to compete a lot you'll probably need to buy a pure bred at some point but for the time being just have lots of fun!

Butkin · 30/07/2015 22:56

Oh and don't forget that if you have a chunky part bred you can plait them up and do LR Show Hunter Pony which means they don't have to be pure bred M&Ms..

notasausage · 27/08/2015 14:27

Thank you all for your tips. 2nd show at the weekend wearing Tan trousers and placed first! Ok, so there were only 3 in the class but DD was overjoyed with her red rosette!

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