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Measuring rugs

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Slippersmum · 18/06/2015 08:19

I have been given some rugs but have no idea how to work out what size they are! Been told a few different ways. But a bit confused now. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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lavendersun · 18/06/2015 08:21

Measure from centre front to the end of the rug at the back.

Pixel · 18/06/2015 21:41

Yes just measure the rug from the front buckles to the back where you clip on the leg straps. Rugs are still measured in feet and inches, with sizes at three inch intervals (don't know how we've got away with that for so long but glad we have!).

Slippersmum · 20/06/2015 09:27

Thanks great. Thank you

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