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Have I any chance at all of selling a narrow pony saddle?

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Pixel · 26/05/2015 19:53

I've got a lovely leather GP saddle (16"), handmade by a master saddler. It is old but very well looked after as I've had it from new, just some water marks that don't show too much when it's polished up.
I've been trying to sell it for ages but no one wants a narrow fit saddle. I even saw a wanted ad for leather pony saddles and phoned up but the woman was keen until I said it was narrow and then she said she had no use for it. I've tried Ebay, Gumtree, notice boards, tack sale etc but no joy.

Any ideas? I don't know what to do with it now as I'm fed up with it in the house but it's far too good to dump.

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Millie2013 · 27/05/2015 17:27

I had a v narrow saddle and had the same problem. I ended up sending it to an agricultural/equestrian auction
I didn't get much for it, but it was better than binning it

Pixel · 27/05/2015 18:56

Thanks very much, that's one idea I hadn't thought of. How would I find out about those do you know?

Too many fat ponies around nowadays! Wink

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 28/05/2015 07:22

There's one here, which is probably miles from you. Maybe search local livestock auctions to see if they do the same?

britnay · 28/05/2015 14:00

Have you tried a saddle fitter? They tend to keep hold of it and give you a percentage of what they sell it for. Or sometimes do a part exchange if you want another saddle. I guess it depends how soon you want money for it.

Cosmonautarian · 28/05/2015 15:44

Ive just sold an old saddle on eBay. Started with a very low bidding price and included postage at £20. There was quite a lot of bidding on it in the end. Did you offer it as collection only? I think that puts buyers off.

Pixel · 28/05/2015 19:55

Frosty thanks, that is miles away yes, but I will do a search for something more local as you suggest. Smile

I have tried a couple of saddlers who both valued it at £250. One said he didn't take second hand saddles any more as Ebay had killed his profit and the other had it in her shop for a few months but it didn't sell so I had to go and collect it.
I had it on Ebay for about a third of what I'd been told it was worth and £15 for postage but there was no interest at all. Perhaps I'll have to start it much lower but I've been resisting that because knowing my luck it'll sell for practically nothing and I'll have all the hassle of organising delivery! I've already accepted that I'm not going to get very much for it though so I suppose I'll have to just take the chance.

I must admit I've been wondering if I'm kidding myself. I've always thought it was really nice, found it comfortable and secure and smart looking, but do you think it's a bit dated? Perhaps it's just not a style that people want any more, and that is putting people off, rather than the fact that it's narrow? Plus of course everyone wants adjustable and synthetic options nowadays (and why not? I love my Wintec!).

I've put some pics on so be honest!

Have I any chance at all of selling a narrow pony saddle?
Have I any chance at all of selling a narrow pony saddle?
OP posts:
Bonkey · 28/05/2015 20:33

A good saddle never dates!

I think your problem is the fact its narrow.

I have never ever seen a narrow pony of which you all speak Wink

Pixel · 28/05/2015 22:35

Thanks Bonkey. I always thought that a good saddle should last a lifetime if you look after it. I did that but there was no mention of what you do if you lose the pony it fits Grin. Only there was one saddler who was really rude about it when I asked her if she would put it in her shop, plus Saddles Direct won't take anything over 10 years old, so I did wonder if things have changed since I was a gel.

OP posts:
RedRugNoniMouldiesEtc · 28/05/2015 22:50

Narrow is probably better suited to the showing croud. Try showing pages on fb and any chat forums for showing you can find. One on fb is second hand showing equipment for horse and rider which seems quite active. It's a lovely saddle so I'd resist selling cheap if you don't need the sale quickly but that's just me. Oh, Also try saddle fitters who take second hand saddles to fittings with them, they may be interested. They don't need to be local if you are prepared to ship.

Pixel · 28/05/2015 23:22

Ah now I did wonder whether it would be good for working hunter as it has clean lines with the knee rolls being concealed while still feeling very safe for jumping, but I didn't know enough about this showing malarky to come out and say so!
I'm not on FB unfortunately (not sure how much longer I can resist but don't want to get sucked in like my sister ha ha) so I might have to hijack dh's account and infiltrate the shady world of showing.Wink
Tbh I'd really rather not sell it too cheaply, partly because dh is out of work atm so things are getting a bit tight, but also because I'd like it to go to someone who will appreciate it and keep it nice!

OP posts:
Pixel · 28/05/2015 23:37

I've just googled 'second hand tack for showing' and found lots of sites. Can't believe I never thought of that before.

I know what will be keeping me busy tomorrow.Smile

OP posts:
RedRugNoniMouldiesEtc · 29/05/2015 07:40

oh good, fingers crossed then! Smile

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