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Deborah51 · 22/04/2015 11:06

Hi all, has anybody been to or have any reviews on kemnal manor livery in chislehurst?????

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Sassyk · 23/04/2015 08:40

I've been there a couple of years ago. Nice yard, two schools, grazing not so good. Historically lots of field accidents and there never seems to be consistent management. Personally I think there are better yards further out in to Kent unless in the last 6 months there have been some serious changes.

Deborah51 · 23/04/2015 17:00

Thanks Sassyk, mount mascals looks really nice but id rather word of mouth, made that mistake before, never again

OP posts:
Sassyk · 23/04/2015 21:05

I know Mascals but got no idea what it's like to be a livery there. Are you looking for Full, Part or DIY?
Speedgate is a nice yard, I know people who are stabled there and are happy. Holywell is meant to be lovely but could be a hike depending on where you're coming from. Old Mill, I also don't hear of any problems there and they have a indoor school. My horse is retired now and I always wonder where I'd go with a horse in work. Lots of yards in the area but not many good ones! Good luck!

Deborah51 · 24/04/2015 16:27

Thankyou, very useful information, have you heard of home farm in Chislehurst?

OP posts:
Sassyk · 26/04/2015 06:55

Yes, I had a horse there briefly about 5 years ago was totally DIY. Nice yard but I thought it closed early last year. Could be wrong though

cherrytree63 · 18/05/2015 21:24

Kemal is under new management now, and Home Farm did close last year.

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