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Saying Goodbye tomorrow

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LisaD1 · 26/02/2015 19:26

to the most wonderful, kind, loving little pony I have ever met and it is just so tough, just needed to share with fellow horse lovers.

We have had this little girl for 3 years (she's 16) and in that time we have battled cushings and laminitis. This round can't be won though (dropped and rotated pedal bone in one foot and the other is very close to sinking thru the sole), despite knowing all this and knowing we can't win I want to scream at the vet to not come tomorrow morning, I don't want to lose her, my children are distraught too. She's been enjoying a lovely week of unrestricted diet and grazing and is on high doseage of pain relief, which is just making it harder as the drugs are making her look sound and she is perky.


OP posts:
catzpyjamas · 26/02/2015 19:37

It's so sad to lose a friend like this Flowers
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow x

Millie2013 · 26/02/2015 20:59

I'm so sorry. I lost my best friend of 26 years, last year and it hurts like hell. She is so lucky to have you, she will know how loved she is xx

Drivingnovice · 26/02/2015 21:13

So very sorry to read this. She will know how loved she is. And she has had a lovely week, bless her.
Such a hard decision.... My old girl also has cushings but she is ok on prescend.
Best wishes Flowers

frostyfingers · 27/02/2015 08:51

I'm so sorry, we've been where you are (just before Christmas) and it's the hardest thing to do - you just want to stop the clock. She's obviously been much loved and cared for, and you're doing the best by her. My mantra to myself during the build up to losing our pony was "he doesn't know, he doesn't know". Take care of yourselves and allow time to grieve, it's never "just an animal" and there's nothing wrong with crying (I still cry when I look at pictures of dpony).

Best wishes.

LisaD1 · 27/02/2015 11:38

Thank you all. She went peacefully with the sun on her bones, a polo in her mouth and her head in my arms. I know there truly was nothing else I could do for her and she is pain free now x

OP posts:
SingingTunelessly · 27/02/2015 19:13

I'm so sorry. But there's no doubt you've done absolutely the right thing as hard as it is. Flowers for you.

RandomMess · 27/02/2015 19:21

Well done for making the tough decision and putting her first Flowers

catzpyjamas · 27/02/2015 20:54
Wolfiefan · 27/02/2015 20:57

Lisa that is so sad and so lovely at the same time. You did the right thing. She was loved. Thinking of you and your family. xx

LabradorMama · 27/02/2015 22:40

You gave her the best send off. I know it's horribly sad, I've been there too but when their health fails them it's the kindest favour we can do for our old friends.

Thinking of you x

Millie2013 · 01/03/2015 09:38

You are so brave, I can only imagine the huge, pony-shaped hole in your life right now

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