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My horse fell on me

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SkipperBlueEyes · 19/02/2015 20:38

I was out on my lovely boy and he had been great but he got a bit overexcited, reared and went over backwards straight on top of me he then rolled across me to get up. I thought I was going to die tbh. I remember my hat peak bending towards my face and just stopping.

I smashed my humerous and the ball part that goes into the joint was broken into 4 parts, 6 ribs, a punctured lung, 4 vertabrae and my hip. It'll be another 2 weeks till I can weight bear and then I huwas. While with some kind of frame and I don't know how long that will be.

I'm going crazy I have 4 dc ans am bed bound. I miss my horse, riding and my life so much. I feel lucky I vouldve died but I also feel so unlucky. I had an accident and smashed my ankle last year. Not sure why I'm putting this here am a previous prolific poster. I guess I just wanted to vent a bit

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Mrsmorton · 19/02/2015 20:45

How awful for you, horses are such sweet sorrow! I'm still not speaking to mine after we went arse over tit at xmas. I ride with a Dr and she was the other side of the gate, she said she thought I was dead. Thank fully not!!

You're bed bound for 2 weeks? Who is helping you? Who is looking after horse? Flowers

VillyCazalet · 19/02/2015 20:46

Goodness me, I'm so sorry to hear this. When did this happen?

Goneintohibernation · 19/02/2015 20:50

That sounds terrifying! I hope you are on the mend soon.

Lindt70Percent · 19/02/2015 20:54

Oh, that sounds so painful and traumatic! The same thing happened to a friend but she was in a menage with rubber chipping flooring and she managed to get away with just bruising (I think there was a clear imprint of where she'd been in the school!). Her mum had to take 2 weeks off work though from the stress of seeing it all happen.

I hope you've got lots of help so you can try to relax. Get well soon!

SkipperBlueEyes · 19/02/2015 21:54

Oh no I mean two weeks longer in bed, it's been 4 weeks almost already and that depends on. X rays.

Was in hospital doe for over 3 weeks.

To be honest i don't feel that traumitised. I know it could've happened on any horse at any time. The only gutting thing is it was a fairly decent banks I shouldve gone over but decided to go round as he tends to enthusiastically jump up and out rather than straight downwards, so he left his field buddies but wasn't alone, there were loads of others going round. I can't help thinking if I hadnt wimped out i would probably be ok. That's the biggest thing bugging me . it took almost two hours for ambulance to arrive and they called air ambulance pretty promptly. They had to cut all my clothes off inc my gorgeous boots.

I'm lucky to be at a great yard with great friends who can all help out

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SkipperBlueEyes · 20/02/2015 08:58

MrsM, are you back in the saddle yet? I'm aiming to be in 8 weeks fingers crossed

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Mrsmorton · 20/02/2015 09:11

Yes, I was a week or so later. It's dented my confidence a bit but ive had worse falls. I wasn't injured like you were tho FFS!! 8 weeks, make sure you're fixed properly before you try anything!!!

SkipperBlueEyes · 20/02/2015 14:24

That's good hopefully you'll regain confidence in time. 8 weeks is the minimum really but I'll see how I get on. Missing my horse so much though Sad

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Lazaretto · 20/02/2015 21:53

So glad you're ok. I hope things improve for you.

SkipperBlueEyes · 23/02/2015 08:49

Thank you. I managed to somehow hey in our shogun which was a big struggle as its so high up I practically needed a leg up! But I did it and we went to the yard and my boy has almost a whole pack of polos from me and lots of hugs, he is definitely still aulkiubwith ME though, he doesn't understand why he has lots of people riding him and not me, he is very much a one person horse. Was lovely to see him though and I gwlr almost normal going out, it's been over 4 weeks.

Feeling quite low today though can't help thinking another day of rotting in bed ;-/

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shinydog · 24/02/2015 13:44

That sounds scary. I hope you recover as quickly as possible.

susiella · 05/03/2015 16:17

SkipperBlueEyes hope you're on the road to recovery now.

SkipperBlueEyes · 12/04/2015 18:58

I'm getting there I can walk perfectly now. Do get lots of back pain and sciatic stuff hoping that's fairly normal. My arm has been up and down I went for my six week xray and they needed to operate straight away as the pin going into the socket had gone right through and was scraping the joint every time I moved, to begin with op made a huge difference but the pain has gotten pretty bad again. I have been told at each appt it'll never be the same again and I will need a partial shoulder replacement in the future. Pretty depressing tbh. I don't have a lot of movement either which makes life with 4 children pretty difficult. I have ridden though and even managed a canter but have decided to hold off a bit longer as I still feel pretty fragile and vulnerable

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