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Is everyone else's yard owner like this?

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sashNmax · 04/02/2015 22:03

I've had my horse for years and had a baby a year ago. My mum offered to take care of him for 2 years until I decided what I want to do with him. I help out when I can but have told her from day one that if she can't take it anymore I will sell him.

Anyway. I HATE going to the yard. Not because of my horse but because of the owner. You never know what her mood is going to be like when she's there. She can be nice (say hello then ignore you) or so nasty. She always makes a bad atmosphere and makes nasty remarks about how bad I am for 'abandoning' my mum with my horse. She makes me feel so uncomfortable and shy when I'm always nice to her. Every time I ride (which can only be for a short time) she'll make a comment like 'you've barely been on what was the point in that). When I go I put all of her horses in, to make her like me, and she doesn't even acknowledged that I've done anything. The funny thing is I know I'm better with horses than her so why do I feel so put down by her? The yard is beautiful and just behind my mums house so I really don't want to move. But for 150 a month why is she being so nasty?!

OP posts:
Pixel · 05/02/2015 17:31

Our owner is fine, (though it would be nice if he did a bit more about the place), and leaves us alone as long as we don't do anything terrible. His wife on the other hand...well I've never met anyone so hard to get along with!

RinkyTinkTen · 05/02/2015 19:24

God how awful for you! Without sounding mean, is there anyone else you'd pay 150 pcm to be a bitch to you? No? I thought not.

You'll either have to play hard ball with her, or move. If she ignores you, ignore her, if she says hello, say it back, so basically mirror her behaviour. It's not normal& it's not nice. I honestly don't know any other area of life that people who pay someone money can be so badly treated! Good luck op and move pronto

Goneintohibernation · 05/02/2015 20:59

Ours sounds similar to Pixels, very easy going, but it would be nice if he'd fix the fencing once in a while! Have you thought about asking her outright what her issue is OP? Is she the same with your Mum? She sounds very unpleasant, but unfortunately if your Mum does the lions share of the care, and she is happy with the place, then I guess you are stuck with it.

LaLaLaaaa · 07/02/2015 09:23

Have had many awful yard owners, not found a normal one yet! One was quite nice but useless, one was efficient but horrible to everyone and had stupid rules no one could possibly follow. Another was lovely for about seven months then like a switch went on changed personality and became awful.

In my experience they all think they know best for my horse. Which they don't.

So I'm afraid all I can offer is sympathy.

Pixel · 07/02/2015 16:55

We've had a few horrors but not necessarily because they thought they knew best for my horses. We've had one lot that left us alone but we got lumbered with looking after their ponies, calves and chickens while they stayed home in the warm. Another place we saved half the field we were paying for all winter so that we'd have some spring grass and come the spring the owners put their own horses in there leaving us with nothing. We were pretty livid and found somewhere else straight away.
The nicest owner we had was a lovely man who knew nothing about horses but loved to see them grazing outside his window. He was happy for us to do as we pleased as long as everyone got on and he kept the yard and fields beautifully maintained. Sadly he was killed in a car accident Sad.

ADishBestEatenCold · 22/02/2015 23:06

Look her straight in the eye and say "I don't really understand your attitude, would you rather we moved?"

If she would, it's better to know and, if she wouldn't, it's better for her to know that you are questioning her behavior towards you.

PatioPonderer · 30/03/2015 19:35

Yard owners are fairly bonkers as a breed, yours sounds dire though!

PatioPonderer · 30/03/2015 19:53

Stop bringing her horses in, its not getting you anywhere!

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