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How do you decide what offer to make on a pony/horse?

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TheWindowDonkey · 29/01/2015 23:15

Hi all,

We are on the verge of putting an offer in on a pony known to us. My child has ridden it often, we know it to be of lovely temprament, caught easily, stands beautiflly when being tacked/groomed etc but with enough pep to keep dc interetsed. We cant afford trailer so will just be schooling/Pony club use.
Pony is welsh section c , over 13 years and has done some Hunting/shows, but nothing for the last couple of years. It is 12hh or therabouts and dd is 10 (just) so should last her for at least a couple of years?
I have no idea of pony values, this would be our first owned and not loaned pony, so any advice would be gratefully recieved. We have been given a figure by owners, but thought i would ask here first what someone would pay for a pony as described above.

Kept dc and dpony sex out of it as i'm worried enough that my post is identifiable. :)

OP posts:

TheWindowDonkey · 07/02/2015 17:42

We did see the oasport Butkin and she's purebread.

OP posts:

Butkin · 07/02/2015 20:38

Well done OP - with all that gear you've got a really good deal. I do hope your children have a great time with her.

Floral - I wouldn't include all horses in my comments on selling ponies. We've kept our last 2 of our last 3 horses until they were PTS including my cob which I kept from 4 until 26 because we didn't outgrow them.

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