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The tack room

Stealing our feed

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Deborah51 · 04/12/2014 16:24

Hi someone is stealing our feed and hay from the feed room but I can't prove it, I know who it is, so annoying and awkward, what can I do, help.

OP posts:
mrslaughan · 04/12/2014 21:24

Install a a nanny cam?

BlessThisMess · 04/12/2014 21:30

We had this and installed a hidden camera, known about by the trusted ones but not the suspected one. Sure enough she was caught on it taking my feed. She left the yard the same day after being challenged.

Eve · 04/12/2014 21:32

Put a note in the bag/ bin so they will only find it if taking feed.

pebblepots · 04/12/2014 21:47

Lock on your feed bin lids. Big storage thing (like people have in their gardens) for your hay with a lock on that too

Goingintohibernation · 05/12/2014 13:56

You could try saying to the one you suspect that someone has been taking your feed, and you are considering putting a camera in to find out who, see if that scares them into stopping.

Lovelybunchofcocopops · 05/12/2014 17:05

If you can't lock your bins, I second the camera.
In my experience if you ask the food stealer if they have noticed anyone nicking your food, they then stop stealing for a short period and then restart, and try to 'frame' someone else for it!

If you have an Iphone you can turn it in to a basic CCTV camera if you are prepared to leave the phone in the feed bin/tack room. (If they are nicking feed, they might nick your phone)

Pixel · 05/12/2014 18:19

You don't even need to pay out for a real camera, you can buy dummy ones really cheaply (about a fiver on ebay). Just mention that you are thinking of getting a camera due to so much feed and hay going missing and then when the fake one appears no one will question it. Someone will just say "oh yes Deborah did say she was thinking about getting a camera" Wink. You wouldn't find out who had been stealing but it would probably stop them.

Of course all this talk of cameras does depend of whether you actually could put one up (is there electricity, would you have permission etc) otherwise it wouldn't be believable!

Deborah51 · 06/12/2014 18:26

Thankyou for all the great advice everyone, will let you know how I get on.

OP posts:
Stillyummy · 31/12/2014 13:27

I ended up putting locks on my bins when this happened to me! I felt petty and stupid but saved a fortune. Also it meant I could stash pain killers and other meds and not worry about the kids or dogs getting it.

Madcatgirl · 21/01/2015 10:48

Camera. We've had to put two CCTV cameras up on the yard. It's so bloody annoying though!

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